Friday, November 20, 2015

Snapshots of Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska // Whales & Glaciers // July 2015

Come with me, back to Alaska! This day in the state was just gorgeous... so so gorgeous, see more pictures and read more details here.

Here are some photos of our time on the boat watching whales and glaciers.

(because I don't have/don't know how to use a mega awesome camera... I added little arrows to some photos, that way you can tell what you're looking at! The second one is obviously KC... so there's no arrow there... bahaha)

So so scenic, and a lot of fun! 

Since we spent most of the day on the water, we missed trying out many restaurants or visiting shops... but it was a great day. Since we did this all in July, this day was kind of my "birthday present". :) We had a blast on the boat, we got to see so much wildlife in the wild... go figure! The sheer number of whales we saw was incredible. So amazing to watch... just wow. I'm really glad we did a longer tour and saw the glacier as well. What an incredible thing to see in person. I have a cool video of it calving... but I can't quite figure out how to rotate it... lol.

Eat: Whatever is on the boat! Not bad, but not exciting. We had lots of hot chocolate once we made it out to the glacier! Brrr... 

See: The view! The view! The view! The wildlife and whales!! Seeing a glacier in person and watching it calve. Can you guys believe how blue all of the ice looks?!

Shop: None to speak of... 

Do: A Whale Watching / Glacier / Wildlife tour.

Favorites: Whales, duh. & glaciers, and the views.... 

New Experiences: Seeing glaciers. Seeing sea lions, various birds, otters etc. in the wild. Touching ice from an iceberg. Seasickness (sorta kinda, read below). 

Random Information: Toward the end of the trip the boat was going pretty quickly. I definitely don't have "sea legs" but I've never felt woozy on a boat before either! I bought some "natural" seasickness meds just in case, took one and felt fine. LOTS of others were not so fortunate. BUT the team on the boat was SO knowledgeable, giving tips, medications, crackers etc. to folks who were struggling. They really knew what they were doing and kept everyone pretty comfortable. I spent a decent portion of the end of the trip at the back of the boat watching the horizon. KC was a trooper and held on behind me, keeping me from freezing. #truelove It was cold, but not actually that cold aside from being right by the glacier.

Have you been to Alaska?

Have you ever been whale watching? Or seen a glacier in person?

Anybody prone to seasickness? 
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Coming Up: The Reality of Whale Watching and eventually some Florida posts.

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