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12 Reasons To Love James Bond Movies // Confessions

Two weekends ago KC and I went to see Spectre. I loved it, I always love the Bond movies, but I tend to forget that I do, and it surprises KC every. time. (to be clear, I have NOT seen all of the old ones yet).

Let's be real, I usually like romantic movies, funny movies, Disney movies, period dramas, old movies, hell, I like Hallmark Christmas movies! (#noshame) So, it probably goes without saying, that action-y, adventure-y movies are usually not my top pick. Except for James Bond movies.

Why? Let's just list it out (in no particular order):

1) The exotic locations

Oh boy, probably the entire best part of Bond movies for me, are the filming locations. The cinematography is always gorgeous... but I could just daydream about these potential travel destinations forever. Venice, Mexico City, Macau, London.... Morocco, Austria, Istanbul, Shanghai, The Bahamas, Lake Como .... there's no end to it. :)

2) Daniel Craig

For whatever reason, I seem to have a massive crush on this guy. I'm not typically starstruck when it comes to actors, and I'm certainly not the boy crazy type.... I guess it's just something about Daniel Craig as James Bond. Perhaps it's the character? Though Pierce Brosnan drives me bonkers.. : / Who knows?

Not many guys could pull of those suits AND being an assassin. Let's just be real.

He's polished and rough around the edges. (like Jess meets Logan...)

He's the good guy and kind of a bad guy at the same time. An anomaly. He's a fantastic movie character, intriguing.

moving on....

3) Judi Dench

Who doesn't love Judi Dench? She's sassy and delightful! And oh, so British. :)

Which brings me to...

4) British accents (and others!)

Who doesn't love an exotic accent? So many make it into these movies, just take your pick! Just listening to them is fun!

5) The suits

It's fun to imagine people who actually wear suits so often (kind of like those fabulous dresses!)! James Bond does it well.

6) Fast paced adventure

If hanging off of a helicopter while fighting doesn't make you nervous, I don't know what will. Again, for a non-action movie lover, these movies keep it pretty fast paced, which means I'm not bored. :)

7) The Romance

While some of these "relationships" are um well, ... short lived, .... romance makes it into the plot. Which I appreciate. More plot? I'll take it!

8) Q

Q is so opposite of Bond, it's kind of adorable to watch the scenes where they interact. The banter is great. It's also fun to have someone super young in the cast who happens to have this adorably intelligent sort of character. :)

9) The truly cringe-worthy bad guys

Were you cringing? bleeecch. To avoid spoilers... I did not choose the other Javier Bardem gif... also, it's just super super nasty. : / How did they make him so creepy?

10) The 'Bond Girl' dresses

It's like the Oscars, but better! Who doesn't like to imagine getting all dressed up and going someplace fabulous? Again, it's like the suit thing.

Even Money Penny's day-to-day clothes are super adorable ...

Click here for more iconic bond girl outfits. Kind of a cool link/graphic. :)

11) Daniel Craig - whoops, is this a repeat?

I'm just going to leave this here....

In all seriousness, I like how this gif shows a scene that is a counterpart to all of the gazillion bond girls who walk out of the water scantily clad, a la Halle Berry. Fair is fair, or neither is fair... I'm not sure which.

moving on then ....

12) That for give or take 2 hours... you feel like you *are* in these exotic locations, wearing the dresses, and living a luxurious and adventurous life...

So, there you have it 12 (11 I guess... ) reasons to love James Bond movies. I look forward to re-watching some, and watching some older ones for the first time. Always adding to that movie bucket list. :)

Has anyone else seen Spectre? What did you think?

Does anyone else like James Bond movies?

Any other movies that make you feel like you are *in* the movie?

Thanks for reading / gif-ing!

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