Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Have You Heard? // Jack and White - "Lost"

This is a really really good few months for music (in my opinion). Ellie Goulding, Jack and White, and Coldplay are all coming out with new albums in November and December!

While I'm sure enough of you have heard of Coldplay and Ellie, I'm thinking more people need to know about Jack and White! (though no promises on not posting about the other two...).

Jack and White is an indie pop band made up of Brooke White (American Idol Finalist, Solo Artist, 1/2 of The Girls with Glasses blog) and Jack Matranga (singer, songwriter, former member of Self Against City). I found out about their music a few years ago, and I still can't stop listening.

They have a bit of a folksy sound, but the music definitely has some pop roots, it's very catchy! But it still has a lot of guitar... that give the songs that indie/alternative vibe.

The band has three EPs Gemini, Winter, and Undercover (a cover EP). Each of these albums is very inexpensive on itunes. Definitely go check them out!

Their newest album Lost, is dropping FRIDAY! Ever since the single "Lost" has been released... I can't stop listening to it. So good. It came up on a mix the other night when friends were over... and everyone was humming along like they'd known it for years.

One of my favorites... an oldie, but a goodie. :)

and... for anyone else who kinda loves Fleetwood Mac....

Super excited to hear the rest of the new album, I love the way "Lost" sounds.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of the EPs, so if you like the sound you're hearing download a few of the EPs and give them a listen. I'm pretty sure you'll find a new favorite in there!

This is definitely one band that I love, but haven't seen in concert... that list is starting to dwindle! Hopefully someday we can catch one of their shows! :) It seems more likely now that my parents live in Phoenix. :)

What do you think?

What have you been listening to? (anybody already listening to Christmas music...?)



*images via Jack and Whites FB page, and google*

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