Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Escape // Breakout KC

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday!

I wanted to recap something really fun we did a few weeks ago!

My SIL Kels and her boyfriend Jacob love to do escape rooms. They are recently popping up all over the country, and rapidly gaining popularity here.

The idea is, you enter a locked room with a group of people and you have to use the things in the room as clues in order to escape from it. Rooms typically have themes and/or scenarios attached to them. You have one hour to break out of the room and the establishments typically keep track of the time it takes to break out and the success rate for a given room.

Kels and Jacob have been to escape rooms in Kansas City, Lawrence, and in Pittsburgh, PA. They have actually been to every single room at the place we went to, Breakout KC. The room that we did together was the last one on their list. (no pressure! :P)

We had no idea what to expect, so I will share a little bit about how an escape room works. :)

(this photo was provided by Breakout KC - thank you!)

The room that we visited had a casino theme and a 33% success rate. That's right, only one of three groups escape in 60 minutes.

While I cannot explain WHAT we did in the room, and I certainly could not take photos in the room..... I can give you some unspecific examples on the process and how a clue might work.

You start the room with a video that gives you the scenario or story that exists around your particular space. Sort of like a mystery. You then start roving around the room looking for any sort of clue that might solve your prompt. You might be looking for similar items across the room, words written on objects in the room, etc. As you go, you will end up with sets of numbers or letters that might unlock something in the room, a door, a safe, a window, etc. Anything that might need a combination. As you go, you often don't know which numbers will be the right ones, or what they might unlock. As you move through the room even more details and areas become obvious. You get more and more clues as you go, and eventually you (hopefully) break out of the room.

At Breakout KC you get 3 clues as well. So if you are feeling stumped, maybe trying the numbers or moving objects about but nothing is happening you can ask for a clue. Then someone behind the scenes will give you a clue via the TV screen. That usually helps groups get un-stuck. Kels said that she thinks using the clues at the right time is really important. For example, don't use them too soon, or you'll be out of luck later.

We were in a room with Kels and Jacob, and four other people, none of which had done an escape room before either. We ended up escaping, and making it out in the quickest time for the week! Not too shabby for beginners.

Overall it was really fun, definitely a creative date night or group activity. It wasn't too pricey for a full blown activity either. It was only $28 per person. That's pretty good for a unique hour of entertainment if you ask me! :)

As if this wasn't already fun enough and a great value, Breakout KC has offered a coupon code to my readers!

When you book online, use coupon code: KCCONVENTIONS to get 10% off your total!

This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own, but thank you to Breakout KC for providing a coupon code to you guys!

What do you think? Have you ever been to an escape room? Do they have them where you live?

Would you be interested in trying one?



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