Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Snapshots of Orlando & Winter Park, FL // July 2015

Can you guys believe it's June already?! - crazypants

Today is a big deal, it's the day that the ALL of my Florida posts are finally up. And just 11 months after the fact... hahaha That's ok, goals for the future! :P 

Eat: Pop Parlour for small batch pop sickles. Perfect for summer. The location we went to was so close to this beautiful urban lake. We also ate at NYPD Pizza, which was really close to Universal. So we were able to pick up KC's family after we ate. The pizza and garlic knots were AMAZING. The decor is fun and NY themed. It would be great for families, or you know just anyone who likes a themed restaurant and yummy pizza. :) 

See: Rifle's studio and shop. Dreams do come true you guys! The beautiful park and lake in the middle of the city.

Shop: RIFLE RIFLE RIFLE. I avoided spending ALL the money... but not by much! They have everything there.... and I love it all! :) 

Do: See the park and the city. They had these fun swan shaped paddle boats in the lake. We drove over  to rent one, but then it started pouring and storming, so they put the boats away. Thanks Florida! :P 

Favorites: Seeing Rifle's store and studio was obviously really cool for me. You don't get to tour it but just being there and seeing it a little bit was really cool. It's also great if you like their stuff, because they have such a HUGE selection! I also loved the park and lake, the trees, fountain, birds, etc. It was so pretty. I was bummed that we didn't get a chance to take the swan boat for a spin, but I would recommend it if you are there. :) 

New Experiences: Getting pop sickles outside of a grocery store. They were so yummy! Also, I think that's the first time I have seen swans in person and up close! I hadn't seen the swan boats either. Visiting Rifle was a first too.

Random Tip: Take your pop sickles to walk around the park and lake!

Has anybody else tried pop sickles from a shop/restaurant?

Is anyone else obsessed with Rifle...? 

Happy Travels!


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