Thursday, June 2, 2016

Five Months in // 2016 Goal Progress

In order to keep up with my goals for 2016 a little better, I have been trying to do monthly mini goals. :) See my 2016 goals here

May Goals: 

1) Read 5 Books

Done! I read quite a bit in May! I read essays on hair, a re-telling of Robin Hood called Scarlet, The Crown - the final book in The Selection Series, and I finished the Mara Dyer Trilogy. Overall, I really liked most of what I read. I did end up abandoning the Literary Ladies called Exposure to a Billionaire. To find out more about these books and my thoughts, you can read my May Reads recap post on Monday!

2) Try 5 New Recipes

Done! - Funfetti Cake, Vanilla Syrup, Vanilla Frosting, Blue Margaritas, Mexican Crinkles, 

3) Get Grad Gifts Ready! (Need ideas? Check here & here!)

Done! - Didn't do anything too over-the-top this time around.... but I hope that they were appreciated nonetheless. 

4) Try 1 Workout DVD I Haven't Done Before!

Done! - I tried a Ballet Beautiful DVD... damn I am SO out of shape. Very sore muscles... !

5) Draft 5 Etsy listings

Whomp, whomp. Big fat fail on this one.

6) Get Registered for Conference, Plan out Travel Part!

Done! - I did this! I'm hoping to "announce" our upcoming trips BELOW in June Goals!! :)

7) Watch 2 Disney Movies

Poor Disney movies! Why can't I successfully watch you?!

8) Send Random Mail to Friends/Family

Done! - I sent post cards from an event to close friends. I hope it was a surprise. ;)

9) Learn Something New, or About Something New

Done! - We went to a history of lingerie event at the WWI Museum in KCMO one evening. 

A few things I learned:

-Constriction due to corsets (along with huge dresses and layers) contributed to a large number of fires in the home.

-WWI draft advertisements featured alluring French women and lyrics that made the war sound exotic and fling-like for the potential soldier.

-During WWI steel was stripped from corsets to use for bullets in the war. As a result women didn't wear corsets etc. in the 1920's.

- (I definitely should have known this one...) But the ladies at Moulin Rouge were not wearing anything under those can can skirts... 

10) Plan 1 Date with KC

Done! - I think the event at the WWI Museum would count as a date! We got all dressed up, had champagne and treats, and had a fun time! We also saw Ellie Goulding the same week! :) 

Total: 8/10 - very good if I do say so myself!! :) 

June Goals: 

1) Read 5 Books - ideally 2 from Netgalley and 1 classic
2) 5 New Recipes
3) Plan Our Upcoming Trip to GEORGIA! (Savannah, Tybee & Jekyll)
4) Plan Our Upcoming Trip to NASHVILLE!
5) Try Zumba DVD
6) Send 2 surprise pieces of mail! 
7) Make Dental Appointment... 
8) Watch 4 Disney Movies.... go big or go home!
9) Finish Houston/Galveston Blog Posts
10) Draft 5 Etsy Listings

What have you guys been up to in May? Did you meet any of your goals? 

What are you hoping to do this Summer?

Are there any goals that you are really slacking on so far in 2016?

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