Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How to Start A Project Life Photo Album // Yes, You Can!!

I know you guys have seen a ton of my PL album posts and photos on Instagram, and a lot have you have been like, "I wish I did scrapbooks!" "I'm really behind on my scrapbooks!" "I need to get back into it!" "I don't have time to scrapbook anymore!" "I'm not creative enough to make these books!" etc. ...

Well, after a year of getting back to documenting... here's what I know:

1) Yes you are creative enough! Once you get going, you'll get into a flow and LOVE it!

2) You can find time to do it! Maybe replace your evening facebook scroll with 30 minutes of paper craft! Maybe watch your netflix and work on your album at the same time. Multi tasking for the win!

3) It's not hard at all once you start! All you need is a binder, some page protectors, photos and a kit or some paper and you are ready to go. Start small and work your way up (if you want to!).

The best thing about documenting in this way is that you can make it what YOU want it to be! :)

A few things that helped me get started:

1) Watching youtube videos. I really love Kelly Purkey's spreads & Mary Beth Hancher's. Of course there are tons of great sites out there to watch! Instagram is also a good place to see people's albums. I've started keeping screen shots on my phone and a pinboard on Pinterest for inspriation.

2) Ordering an ABM Messy Box (or another scrapbook kit). They did a sale where you got a discounted old messy box. I ordered two, and that gave me a small stock of cards, stickers, papers, etc. It also helped me get an idea of what kinds of things I wanted to buy/use.

3) Just printing my photos! I decided that I would be more successful if I printed my photos at home! So I got a Canon Selphy (not top of the line, but prints from my phone!) this way, I can print as I am thinking of it!

Watch this video where I can explain some of the things you'll need to get started, I hope that this gets your creativity flowing. :) All supplies mentioned in the video are linked into the video description on YouTube.

All that being said, what are your questions? What types of posts or tutorials do you want to see?

I'd love to help you get back on the documenting journey. (Or start one!) I think that it can be fun and easy for EVERYONE!

I shared my first five PL videos recently: Houston & Galveston, San Francisco, Georgia, Nashville, and Las Vegas. Check those out! To learn about the process, supplies, etc. for my other sections, you can watch my videos. :)



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