Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Snapshots of Fargo, ND // Road Trip // July 2017

Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope that you are having a great week, I had a super long weekend... which was so nice! I read 3 books :P. Today I am sharing the other part of our Dakotas road trip!

Like I said, I planned poorly, and a lot of the shops and the art museum I wanted to go to were all closed by the time we got there, and not open on Sunday. :( Oh well. Here's what we DID do. Including possibly the single most inspiring thing I've seen on our travels!

Fargo, ND:

Eat: We only had a few meals in Fargo, but it seemed like there were some good options. Again, many things were closed on Sunday. :( 
  • Rhombus Guys Pizza - we stopped here for some pizza, I was pretty unexcited about it. We even tried dessert pizza... but it was just ok. The vibe in this place was weird. It seemed like a local type haunt, but I didn't love the food. KC thought it was decent.
  • Atomic Coffee - We stopped here for coffee and breakfast. It's got a good location and the coffee and pastries were alright. Nothing to write home about.
  • Wurst Bier Hall - this was one place that we really liked. They had all kinds of beer and sausages, but other things too. We shared a sausage sandwich, and cheese curds. Yum! The vibe in this place was super neat too!

See: The downtown area, the Hjomkomst Center, the Visitor's center.

Shop: We didn't do a ton of shopping, because everything was closed. :(  We did go back to Unglued and Zandbroz, which were different than the Sioux Falls locations, but still similar. 

  • Visit the Hjomkomst Center - it is home to the Hjomkomst viking ship replica that was built by a man who contracted Leukemia. He finished his ship and got to take it out to the water. His children hired a crew, made adjustments to the ship, and sailed it from Lake Superior, MN to Norway. INCREDIBLE!!! There is also a gorgeous reproduction of a Viking Stave Church. It was built, carved, etc. etc. by a retired professor. It is absolutely incredible. This was by far the highlight of our trip, and worth the admission.
  • The Fargo Visitor's Center has the wood chipper from the movie Fargo. You can pose with it for a photo. You can also sit on a bench that is for people who finally have seen all 50 states (ND being the last). So those are kind of fun. We enjoyed this because one of the people who works there brought in their kitten! Her name was Bean.

Stay: We used airbnb and booked a place that was super inexpensive, and worked great for us! (if you want to know where it was, just email me!)

Favorites: The Hjomkomst Center (viking replicas) and Bean the kitten.

New Experiences: Seeing North Dakota, full scale replicas, seeing anything viking, going to a wurst restaurant.

Have you been to the North Dakota?

Have you ever planned a trip poorly, and nothing was open?

Have you ever seen a a full scale replica of something, or seen something that had a really inspiring story behind it on your travels?

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Other Trips This Year: NOLA & 24 Hours in St. Louis.

Upcoming Trips: NYC!

Happy Travels!



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