Monday, June 26, 2017

24 Hours in St. Louis // June 2017

If I know one thing to be true... it's buy your concert tickets folks. You've probably heard this from me a lot, but it remains true. You don't want to miss out on tickets, unless you have to. Which is why, when Broods announced a short North American tour, we knew that driving to St. Louis (4.5 hours) would be worth it. Especially at $24 a piece for the tickets. :)

So, in mid-June we drove to St. Louis for the show, and right back the next morning. While it's never our preference to do so Juliet's mom was getting married, and we didn't want to miss it!

While we didn't do much on this trip, we do think there is a lot to do in St. Louis! So check out my past trip posts (at the bottom of this post) for ideas! :)

Eat: We only ate one meal in St. Louis, we tried Seoul Taco, a fun fusion restaurant. We tried one of each of the meat tacos, the fried rice, and the dumplings. The tacos were good, mine was very spicy. I didn't care for the fried rice, but the dumplings were amazing, They were pricer than the rest, but it was very worth it. The atmosphere in Seoul Taco was awesome. The walls reminded me of street art, and they had a deconstructed taco truck, and boomboxes spray pained in bright colors. It was a really fun dining experience. Thanks for the recommendation Will & Cara!

Do: See a concert at Delmar Hall or The Pageant. Delmar Hall is very very small which is great for seeing a band up close! I also loved that they have a little bar lounge you can wait in for the show rather than lining up outside!

Shop: The Loop (Delmar). It's full of fun specialty stores and restaurants. We loved stopping into Subterranean Books. It's relatively small, but it had a nice collection of books and atmosphere. I managed to buy a book, of course. They also had a small collection of local t-shirts and other gift items. Plus a bookstore dog, you don't see those a lot.

Broods: Broods was amazing, it was so fun to see them a second time! It was so fun to see Georgia dance around to the more up beat second album. She has amazing energy! They played pretty much all of my favorites. A girl right next to me in the crowd was there (after driving for 6 hours) for her birthday. And they sang to her! How cool is that?! They also did a cool cover of "Mad World", which was awesome. As always I highly recommend their music for your playlists and their concerts too! :)

Favorites: Broods! The bookstore and tacos were good too though. :) 

New Experiences: The Loop, Delmar Hall, Seoul Taco.

Have you been to St. Louis?

Have you ever traveled for a concert?

What is your favorite fusion restaurant?

If you are heading to St. Louis, you can check out my other trip recaps, here & here.

Happy Travels!



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