Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Eco-Product Switch of 2011! {Preserve Razor!}

In a recent post I suggested and reviewed some of my favorite Earth friendly beauty and hygiene products. I mentioned Preserve Toothbrushes and how amazing they are. {made of recycled yogurt cups, mail them back to recycle them, easy to find, inexpensive in comparison} As I looked at Preserve's website for pricing information on their toothbrushes I found out that they also make razors! Woohoo! {they also make BPA free plastic plates etc}. I needed a new razor anyway so I headed out the the Merc {our local health food store} and picked up my very own preserve razor! I used my LAST disposable razor for the last time today! So I thought I would document it! :)

 Ordinary Wimpy Disposable Razor.

 Done! In the trash you go!

 Cute new preserve razor that is good for the environment! {Color: Pear Green}

 Probs WAY too excited about my new razor.. but that's me. :)

The preserve razor heads come with 3 blades and each razor itself comes with 2 razor heads in the package! Great for men or women. They also come in about 10 colors which is fun. Ranging from Magenta to Gray. So excited to use it! 

Now you understand the extent of my eco-nerdiness :)


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