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2012 Cookbook Review

I will be posting my pictures and recipe soon! :) (here)

As most of you know I made it a goal in 2012 to try out 100 new recipes. I went through many cookbooks and believe me, it's not always easy to find a good recipe! Some cookbooks, even the ones that look great can end up being full of duds! So I wanted to let all of you in on my favorite cookbooks so far! The ones that passed the test of having many good or very good recipes in them.

Here we go!

The Pioneer Woman cookbooks are filled with delicious from scratch recipes. There is a definite down-home almost Southern vibe to the comfort food type recipes, but there are definitely some very creative more interesting ones as well. Each book has step by step pictures and you feel like she is reading them to you herself. They are hilarious and filled with great pictures and tips. I have yet to make something out of either of these books that hasn't been AMAZING! Seriously, go buy these. Pioneer Woman also has a show on food network, a novel about her life, children's books and a blog.

I bought this cookbook because it was cute. Seriously. And there was a pie on the cover... you know how I love pie. However, the recipes turned out to be the most amazing part of the book.. which is definitely a good thing. The Farm Chicks live in Spokane, Washington {a region of the country that I desperately want to visit!} so there is a bit of a healthier vibe to these recipes. Now, I'm not talking kale, nutritional yeast and vegan healhty.. I mean that they love to use real ingredients and a variety of fruits and veggies. They have tons of great desserts but other recipes as well! It also has craft and thrifting ideas in it too, so those are very fun to read in between recipes. I am hoping to purchase their Christmas cookbook this coming fall so I can test out those as well!

Katie Brown is one of my favorite ladies in the cooking/crafting/gardening/entertaining etc world. She has a TV show on PBS that I love to watch, many books and a really fun blog/website. I am constantly inspired by her. I only  have 2 of her books so far, but I love the recipes! Of course there are crafts and other ideas as well, but the recipes are fantastic! She is a Midwestern/Great Lakes girl at heart like me, so I love to read her books because they are so rooted in family and entertaining those whom you love the very most. When that is at the heart of a book you can't go wrong. Her recipes range from homemade classics and staples to culinary twists on basics and global influences for theme parties. There is something for everyone in these books!

The Carle sisters are definitely the lesser known of my favorites, but they definitely know what they are doing! These girls are in their twenties and write cookbooks about college and young adult life. You might think that that would cause their recipes to be so basic that they are boring... but in all actuality they are sharing their love of food with those who are learning to cook in new lifestyle situations. I would recommend all 3 of the pictured books to anyone, even a more advanced cook. They cover so many different types of food that you can always find something to spice up your weekly menu in one of their books! The two college books also have sections on budget meals, party menus and feeding crowds. I highly recommend all three!

I am sure that the more I cook and test out other cookbooks I will come up with more and new favorites. But for now, these are the ones that I am sure about! I promise to post more good ones as I find them!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the books mentioned above {you should be... :)} I have included links on each of their titles. 

What are some of your favorite cookbooks?

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