Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ideas for National Pie Day 2013!

I love pie a lot. I would choose pie over almost any other dessert, if it is good pie {i.e. Homemade}. Needless to say I get really excited in January because it contains National Pie Day! 

National Pie Day is always January 23rd. 

In honor of the day, and really in honor of pie, I make a pie on the 23rd every year. This will be my 3rd year.

So far, since I am still a fairly new cook.. I have been trying to test out new recipes every year. This year is no different, but I won't be giving away my recipe just yet! :)

Instead, I thought I would leave you a mouth-watering pie post, with links to recipes that I have tried in the past! I hope that you will feel inspired to make your own pie tomorrow, or really anytime this week, because pie makes people happy. Make a pie and share it with those you love!

This recipe also made my top 12 of 2012 recipes! So it is very good in my opinion! :) Kyle had never had a cream pie before, but he loved it! This recipe really wasn't too hard but was definitely worth any and all effort put into it! Crust recipe and directions also included in the post!

A nice cherry pie. It uses both frozen and dried cherries so it has a mix of sweet and tart, which is nice for those of us who aren't always the biggest fan of tartness. This is Kyle's favorite. Crust recipe and directions also included in the post!

This pie is so delicious. I always make it for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it doesn't have to be seasonal. It uses dried cranberries so it can really be made whenever you want it! Because the cranberries are dried they are much sweeter than fresh ones. So if made with mild or sweet apples it is actually quite sweet! If you like tart go for a green apple, like Granny Smith and you will have a sweet/tart combo! It is also great with a crumble crust, recipe also at the above link. Crust recipe and directions also included in the post!

This pie was not my favorite, but Kyle and his parents loved it! If you like blueberry pie, you will probably like this pie. It was very easy! What I love most about it are the colors! :)For a crust recipe check the Cherry or Apple pie post!

While for some this pie is seasonal, there really isn't any reason it needs to be. It is yummy all year round. I just used the recipe on the can of pumpkin. For a crust recipe check the cherry or apple pie post!

Share & Enjoy!

Want more recipes and ideas for your crust designs? Check out my pie board on Pinterest!

Happy National Pie Day! 

What is your favorite pie recipe?

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  1. Ok, all of these look AMAZING and NOW I WANT PIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm glad you liked the post! I hope that you can make one this week too :)


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