Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Goal Review

Hi guys! I've been so busy lately just trying to do the holiday thing... that I haven't time for blog reading or posting! I look forward to catching up a little over the weekend though! :) Tomorrow is KC & I's 4th wedding anniversary, so I have a feeling I won't be up for blogging or be checking off anything else on this list in the last day of 2015! ;) So here is my check in. Check back for 2016 goals on Friday!

This year I was in a funk, and very busy, so I did not set these goals until mid-September. All things considered I think I did ok. :)

1) read 50 books - 27 (more than any year in a LONG time! Calling this a success of it's own!)
2) visit 3 new states - 2 (Alaska & Florida)
3) start selling my invitations and hand lettering  - YAY!
4) completely clean out the bedroom and closet - SO SO CLOSE!
5) start saving money, intentionally, ideally $1000 per pay period
6) have fun cooking again
7) learn to make a new dessert
8) send more than just envelopes in the mail (packages, gifts, etc.)
9) do yoga again! Ideally 3 times per week at least.
10) get back to work on my scrapbooks
11) watch 12 classic or cult classic movies (9 - A Philadelphia Story, 9-5, psycho, the addams family, practical magic, clueless, home alone, elf, the princess bride,)

12) take 5 classes, workshops, etc. related to invitation design and lettering
13) focus on KC and I's Christmas traditions, and make more
14) blog at least once per week
15) buy a moto jacket
16) start learning my DSLR
17) host a clue themed party
18) see a play or musical
19) plan out 5 legitimate date nights - 2 whomp. whomp.
20) plan some kind of party for just the girls in my life :)

Other accomplishments;

  • Saw more concerts this year than any other so far - 8 total! ....  checked Jack White off KC's bucket list, again! :) (Jack White & Loretta Lynn, Broods, Vance Joy (at Afentra's Prom), Taylor Swift, Celtic Woman, Black Violin, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Modest Mouse, Train, Glass Animals.)
  • Did a lot of travel! 6 trips! (NOLA (take 2), Nashville, Indianapolis, Alaska, Florida, Arizona)
  • Learned some fun new board games. Any other board game lovers out there?! - (Carcassone, Agricola, Tsuro, King of Tokyo, Wits and Wagers, Jamaica, Avalon, 7 Wonders (+ 3 expansions), Pandemic, Coup, Castles of Burgundy, ... and probably more!)
  • Read a lot more books than previous years! 27. Two of which were classics, and three being The Selection Series. :)
  • Checked lots of things off of my 1,001 in 101 list!
  • Adopted Scalawag!!
  • Reached # of Blog Views
  • Celebrated four great years of marriage! & almost 9 as a couple!!
  • Survived my family moving, and visited them once (see AZ above)
  • Started my Stationery Business! (Completed: 2 Baby Announcements, 2 Wedding Suites, 1 Set of Save-the-Dates, 4 Sets of Christmas Cards, 2 Sets of Bridal Shower Invitations, 1 Bachelorette Invitation, 1 Set of Hand Drawn Wedding Map Inserts, 3 Sets of Other Party Invitations, 1 Moving Announcement, 10 Custom Address Stamps, 4 Sets of Thank You Notes, & Countless Lettering projects!) & Started: 3 other weddings for 2016, as well as at least 2 baby announcements! - pretty awesome!!
  • We saved lots of money, and had an extremely productive (and more enjoyable) August - December due to some planning, less plans overall, and taking the time to layout some goals!

How was your 2015? What did you do? What are you proud of?

What do you want to accomplish in 2016?

Thanks to all of the readers, followers, and friends who have supported this blog this year. I really appreciate it, it keeps me going! :) 

Happy New Year!


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