Monday, December 14, 2015

A Few Pictures From "Friendsmas" Ugly Sweater Edition

We had a semi-impromptu gathering of a few people last night for games and snacks.

We wore ugly sweaters and chatted about bad exes, weddings, and Star Wars. I took... not very many pictures you guys... what can I say... we've been busy.  So most of these are of the prep process....

Here are just a few!

We made "reinbeers" - fun. I was pretty sure everyone would be like... oh ok, you went there... that's great .... but actually everyone really loved them! The only other guy there besides KC went up to the fridge and was literally laughing and saying how fun they were. Then his reinbeer's eye popped off. Whoops. It's good to have a project though, right?

KC wore his dad's xmas sweater from the '90's. His mom DIYed them back in the day and they have matching ones. Which we have worn together before... :) I love that he kept his buffalo check underneath. There is a lot of hipster happening in this ensemble. I found mine at the Salvation Army for $8 (maybe...) over the summer... along with those shoes for the same price. The shoes had never been worn or very very little... so I couldn't pass them up. Too. Festive. I should mention that I absolutely love these sequined sparkly pants... I wear them all the time, with everything. I had worn them to a ballet earlier in the day and decided they were just crazy enough to make my outfit tackier. So, on they stayed. Seriously though, yoga pants on the inside, sparkles on the outside, where's the bad?!

Uh yeah, we are THOSE cat parents. Our poor poor future littles.

Speaking of the ballet. One of my best friends, Juliet is a dancer. She's awesome. We try to go to as many of her shows as we can. She hasn't actually done ballet in a long time, she's does modern now. but she knocked it out of the park as Older Clara / The Sugar Plum Princess in LFK's version of the Nutcracker, The Kansas Nutcracker. I LOVE The Nutcracker... but we had not yet seen this version. Delightful. I should also mention, the tiny kids who performed as snowflakes, mice, grasshoppers, etc. for their classes were ah. dor. able. I could not stop laughing when the tiny mice couldn't pull the injured (adult sized) mouse king off the stage. It was the funniest thing I've seen in a LONG time. Anyhow, I managed to snap myself out of my day dream to catch a few pictures. How gorgeous is this?! Woohoo Juliet!

This week we head to Arizona to see MY FAMILY! YAY. I will maybe throw in some quick desert xmas posts if I get a second. Perhaps during my second viewing of Christmas Vacation... ;)

What are y'all up to?

Anybody want the reinbeer tutorial... or is that kind of a duh.. ? We might make Olivia Rein(root)beers. :P



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