Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Snapshots of The Hoover Dam // August 2016

While we were in Vegas we decided to rent a car one day, and take a trip out to The Hoover Dam as a family. We loved touring the Dam, seeing the scenery outside the city, and spending a bit of time in Boulder City, NV.

I don't remember much about the inside of the dam... but this is a HUGE pipe. :P

All the LOLs on this one... reminded me of Starshollow Museum meets Magic Mike. BAHHAHA.

I'm a grown up... 

You can see the line on the mountains in the background, in cooler months the water is up to the color change line! Woah.

anyone scared of heights...? Yikes.

Rubbing the toes on the winged guardians of the republic is supposed to bring good luck. :) 

The Hoover Dam:

We got there before they opened and waited in line. Once we got inside we purchased the shorter of the two tours, which started with a film about the dam. It was cool to learn some history and to see parts of the dam while we were inside.

After our tour, we went to different observation areas and took in the view. It was gorgeous!You can see how high the water is in the winter by the change in rock color! Crazy!

I loved the winged statues of the republic. Supposedly, rubbing their toes brings good luck!

Boulder City, NV:

Boulder City is pretty small, but we had a nice lunch at The Coffee Cup Cafe. They had a huge menu and it was a really cute place. Our waitress was really really nice! Gotta love that! :) I also had to appreciate the surf inspired interior. Very kitschy for Nevada. :)

We also walked a bit down their main street. We stopped into Grandma Daisy's Candy Store and Ice Cream Parlor. It was very cute!

They also have antiques and galleries, but we didn't take time to visit those.

On this day we also took time to visit Downtown Vegas, Kount's Kustoms, and the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. I've got a separate post on that for you guys next week!

Have you been to the Hoover Dam? What did you think?

Anyone else like superstitious statues?

Anyone afraid of heights?!

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