Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ten Months In // 2016 Goal Progress

In order to keep up with my goals for 2016 a little better, I have been trying to do monthly mini goals. :) See my 2016 goals here

October Goals: 

1) Read 5 Books - ideally 2 from Netgalley and 2 classics

What's up with me and classics. We used to be alright. Perhaps I'm just not into it right now. I read 6 books total, and 4 of those were from Netgalley! My feedback ratio is now 75%! Yeehaw! I'll recap these books on Monday! I also have met my yearly reading goal on goodreads! Woohoo! :)  - Counting as a pass...

2) Finish our Halloween Costumes!

Check! We did this! This year the costumes were pretty low-maintenence. You can see our Halloween re-cap, here.

3) DVD workouts

Boo, just boo. But I did get my ballet beautiful workout back from a friend. It has some super short but effective workouts on it... so I'm hopeful that I can get myself going on it! :) 

4) Watch 3 Disney Movies

Just one, because Beauty and the Beast came out on bluray! :) 

5) Start a non-paper crafty project ( #stationeryobsessed )

Check! I worked on some crafty projects for Halloween. I made these letters to hang for our annual black and white party. 

I also made this little "glowing ghost" trophy for a work costume contest. I'm pretty pleased with how the banner turned out! Thanks to KC on the skewer attaching front! :) 

6) Go to the re-opening of our campus art museum

We did not make it for the opening weekend, or at all. Maybe we can plan a date night for November or December that includes the museum. :) I've heard that the renovation is GORGEOUS!

7) Make Dental Appointment... 

This did not happen in October... but I AM making my appointment this week!!!

8) Clean out baking cupboard, make donations that I have been putting off.

No, but I did find more things to donate... does that count?

9) eeeeeeeeeettttttttsssssssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Nooooo - maybe in November

10) Come up with two fun surprise pieces of mail. :) 

Only sent 1, a Halloween card for OE. I have been so off my snail mail game. *sniffle*


11) Prep for Jess's baby showers next month! & Kels's engagement party!

Check! I did this! We made a soup (flop!!), cider margs (awesome!), little lettered meal cards, chalk art, and a s'more station for K&J's engagement party. It ended up being really warm and muggy, but I think people had a good time. 

All of Jess's invitations for both showers are out in the world! I have started making lists for both, purchased some supplies, and am ready to get down to checking things off!

Overall Total: 4/11

Overall October was right back up there to being almost over-scheduled. It wasn't too bad, but after September (SO CALM!) .. it was kind of a shock. Unfortunately November looks absolutely packed... and I'm kind of upset about it... but there's not much that I can cut out. We'll see, I might have to pass on a few things just to stay sane. I'm going to try to have a can-do attitude about this... but I don't right now. HA :P

November Goals:

1) Read 5 Books - keep crushing my Netgalley queue
2) Keep my dental appointment and finish out scheduling as necessary
3) Do yoga 3Xs per week + at least one extra workout on Tuesday
4) Watch 3 Disney Movies (including Moana - hopefully!)
5) Crush Jess's baby showers!
6) Do some type of gratitude project
7) Focus on healthy meal prep in November - self care while busy!
8) Get a jump on holiday prep!
9) Work on Simply Alexandra Stationery holiday cards & giveaways!
10) Start working on KC and I's holiday Cards!


11) Watch Gilmore Girls!!!!
12) Watch a lot of Hallmark Christmas Movies! - guiltiest pleasure - see my silly tweet about each by following me.

What have you guys been up to in October? Did you meet any of your goals? 

What are you hoping to do this holiday season? - where has 2016 gone?!?!

Are there any goals that you are really slacking on so far in 2016? What are your plans to tackle them before 2017?

Anyone else doing a 101 in 1,001 list? Check out my 2 year progress HERE.

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