Monday, March 20, 2017

Tale as old as Time // Beauty and The Beast

Hello everyone! I hope that you had a great weekend!

We started the weekend off right with friends, dinner, a bookstore run, and Beauty & the Beast! I promise not to give any spoilers (though, what could those be...?), here are a few of my thoughts.


The way they brought the world to life. I loved the sets, the setting, seeing all of the familiar scenes visually come to life.

I was worried about this, but I thought the way the objects came to life in their characters was well done. I was thinking it might look kind of weird or fake, but it was pretty cool.

The cast, of course! I have a big crush on Luke Evans (at least in the Hobbit movies. hahha)

The new songs!

The part with the book in the library! - cool!!

Belle's inventiveness (teaching the girl to read, clever ways to do laundry, etc.)

La Fou's whole character. He was much more of a character in this version. I thought he was funny and more well-rounded than the cartoon. I also liked his ending! (no spoilers!)

The Snow!!

The credits were really cool... is that weird....? Did anyone else watch them?!

I liked that the Enchantress had more of a role in this version.

Did Not Love:

I think I am the ONLY person this will apply to... but I legitimately did not realize that they were remaking this movie scene-for-scene, song-for-song. I thought it would be like Cinderella. The same story, but with some new scenes or changes, at the very least not a scene-for-scene re-shoot in live action. I didn't HATE it or anything because of that, I was just disappointed. I kept waiting for new things, and there just were not very many. Which also had me a little less pulled into the movie. When I knew what was coming I found myself thinking about how Emma Watson is just sitting at that table smiling at nothing for 3 minutes during Be Our Guest. Etc. I wasn't fully immersed in the movie. I think had I realized ahead of time it would be the same.... it would have been fine. Everyone else seemed in the know... so I guess it's just me! - Oh well! Hopefully I'll get over it in time.

The prince's growl toward the end. Just a wee bit cheesy for me.

"Be Our Guest" in live action, while the same, looked a little bit odd. I realize they were remaking the scene, but a few parts of it looked not very real to me. I kind of wish they'd done something a bit different with it.

What did you guys think?

Have you seen it yet? If not, are you planning to?

Did anyone else not realize it would be the same movie...? (pretty sure I'm 100% alone)

*In order to prep for all the future ones I'm going to make sure I know how similar they are supposed to be ahead of time. LOL.*



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