Wednesday, March 15, 2017

KC's Bday Week Recap! // 2017

Last week was KC's bday week! If you follow me on IG then you've probably seen a bit about it, but I wanted to do a quick recap here on the blog. If you hadn't already noticed... KC made silly faces in almost every photo that I took of him! HAHAH

Monday 3/6

KC has been wanting Spotify premium, but refused to pay for it, for ages. While he ran out to get coffee I sent him a gift card for one month. "to start the week off right."

That night we had to run an errand out-of-town so we did that and then grabbed Baskin Robbins.... because we don't have one here! haha

This was all before we went to see The Fifth Element at Alamo Drafthouse. You guys, I swear they don't pay me to advertise for them... though I would!! (HA) We just love that they play some of our favorite movies on the big screen. This was another "movie party" so we had props (a cap gun, a temporary tattoo of the elements, a book of matches, and a sticker..) In addition to watching a fun movie! This is one of KC's ALL TIME favorites, so I knew that we had to go! I also don't usually feel like watching it, because even though I really like the movie, sci-fi is not my favorite genre. I'm so glad that we went! (as an aside... our state was filled with tornadoes that night, previously the weather man had called it an chance for "frisky storms") - LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOL - understatement.... Some of the state raged in fire and had tornadoes, luckily none touched down near us. It was all calmed down by the time we left the movie near us anyhow.

Tuesday 3/7 - KC's actual bday!

On Tuesdays I'm off work. So I got a bunch of secret groceries for the week, and also the groceries to make pie. This is his favorite cherry pie, so that's what I made.

We had lunch out at a great local pasta place. KC has been getting the sandwiches. He loves that Parks and Rec bit where Tom is shortening everything. "Apps and Zerts" LOL. So he snapped me this:

I gave KC a copy of a fun game called "capital lux", we played it a bit before dinner. Before dinner we also tried out the harnesses we got for the cats. I was surprised... Scali did not like it, but Duchess did... how backwards! We'll try again sometime soon!

KC's mom made his favorite meal, chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner. It was delicious as always, and nice to eat as a family.

We then did a little round of D&D. I'd been refusing to play, but figured saying yes would be a good bday week present for KC. He loves coming up with the adventures and the all the details!

We played as a family, it was actually more fun than I thought it would be, and I think KC had a really good time! (which is the most important part! hehe)

We finished the night off with pie and ice cream! :) I also gave him a Mouserat t-shirt ala Parks and Rec. It needed washed, so I figured I'd get it to him early in the week.

Wednesday 3/8

On Wednesday KC usually has D&D guys' night. So, he did that again. We went to Terrebonne, a local Cajun place for dinner. He loves it and I don't usually want to go.. but it was good. Their poutine is amazeballs.

Thursday 3/9

On Thursday KC and I went to grab lunch at his favorite sandwich places, and then after work we went over to our friend Rachel's house to play games and have Chinese with her and her husband and their foster kiddos. It was really fun as we had not seen those friends in a while, so it was really good!

Friday 3/10

KC really likes that movie What If, with Daniel Radcliffe. It's offbeat and funny, so I planned for us to watch that with his parents. If you've seen the movie you'll probably remember the giant "Fool's Gold" sandwich that Elvis was obsessed with. They talk about it a lot in the movie.

It's basically a huge PB&J loaf with bacon on it. It's served hot. KC has wanted to try this ever since he saw the movie. So I figured we'd better share. It actually turned out really well, it was pretty tasty, and I'm glad that we did not have to eat it all on our own! It was a fun night. I gave him another game afterward and we played that. It was one we had played before, but still did not own!

Saturday 3/11 

We basically spent most of Saturday unpacking and cleaning for our Sunday game night. We did take a break to get brunch with my mom and Olivia and also later in the evening to start Miss Fisher's with my in laws. It was fun watching the first episodes again. :) I did give him the last of his games... but sadly we didn't have a chance to try most of them yet. Hopefully this coming week! Of course with severe weather ("frisky storms!") on Monday, we ended up with snow on Saturday. LOL.

Sunday 3/12

We spent part of the day prepping (and making more pie), for KC's Pies and Ties bday party/game night.

tiny bowtie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sisters with their babies. LOLOL Cat lady for lyfe.

It gave us an opportunity to see some friends, it felt like it had been forever! Jess & Kalor came and brought the baby. In his tiny outfit complete with a tie. :) So cute! We had a great time! Plus I mean... pies!! Our friend Mariah made a bĂȘte noire. It was SO good.

Overall, it was a great bday week! I had a lot of fun treating KC to some of his favorite things and other things that he'd been wanting to try for a while. I'm not sure what my favorite part was, but I'm really glad that I got to spend it with him! :) I think that giving him games without time to play them was not the best choice on my part... but that's ok!

Last thing... here's the throw backiest picture of me and KC. 10 years ago. We had JUST started dating a few months before this. Drink that in. LOL

What did you guys do last weekend? 

How did you spend your favorite birthday?!



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