Friday, May 5, 2017

Arts Funding PSA + Have You Heard? // Celtic Woman - "For the Love of a Princess"

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a great week and are excited that it's almost the weekend! :)

This week we saw Celtic Woman. If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know that I love their music and have seen them live quite a few times! We've been lucky enough to go to (now) 8 shows in the past 6 years!

As a kid who grew up loving music, and doing choir... every once and a while I get the craving for classical music. These ladies do it so well, and I have loved going to their shows over the years. The girls may change, but it's always so lovely.

While their newest album is not my favorite of all time, seeing them this time was no exception. The show was a little less flashy, but still gave me chills and occasional tears. The audience, of admittedly mostly (adorable) elderly folks, were brought to tears, cheers, and standing ovations throughout the performance. It was so heart warming to see. *warm fuzzies*

This is my favorite song from the new album, it gives me chills and it's officially "my jam".

Anyone recognize it as the theme from Braveheart? I don't... because let's be real... in 1995, I was 5. That's not a good movie for 5 year olds. LOL

Anyhow, I love the song!

Now a quick PSA about supporting the arts:

Regardless of you political persuasion, and thoughts on our current president... funding for the arts is already lacking. It's clear that Trump is not going to support the arts more (if not continue defunding them....) .... again, whether or not you like him, there's a big need in funding here!

Tuesday night we saw Celtic Woman in the capital city of Kansas. The performing arts center is small, in need of a major update, and the events (from what I saw) are very under-attended. The director (who everyone seemed to know and appreciate as we exited) made a plea on stage: arts funding is being cut in Kansas, again, and places like TPAC rely on our patronage and donations to stay afloat. I want my (someday) kiddos to have access to arts programs and performances, so I plan to continue supporting these venues and programs! These places are also wonderful for school groups, seniors, the entire community really!

So here's my plea to you: consider attending 1-2 performances of (anything!) at a local arts venue near you this year. Even more would be great! These types of places need our business to survive now more than ever! Look up local performing arts, civic, university, etc. theaters and arts centers and attend a concert, a ballet, a comedy show, a musical or play, even a kids program...! (Tip: I keep up-to-date by following their Facebook RSS feeds!)

We all talk about how valuable experiences are over material items, let's try to remember that as the year goes on! A great next step might be convincing a friend, relative, couple, or group to attend the performance with you! Or gifting tickets to a loved one for a holiday! Be creative!

I realize that sometimes these events can be expensive, and I can definitely identify with that! My budget is not boundless! Take a look around the internet and you will see that your community (most likely) has several price packages at different locations for attending these events! Civic theater tickets may cost less than larger performing arts venues, for example. A smaller nearby city may have cheaper tickets than a large metro! Also remember: many of these venues offer student, military, senior, children, staff, and group discounts! Many places near me also offer free events throughout the year!

Lastly, consider taking your kids with you to these things. Obviously, if they are very young you may not want to take them to something super formal, for example. But giving the gift of arts appreciation to your kids is so important! It will help them grow, think, and learn. It will give them new experience and perspectives as they grow! They just might grow up to support the arts like their parents. :)

Alright, I digress, can you tell that this is important to me?! :P

Anyhow, tell me, what are the arts programs like where you live?

Do you make a point to see live events of any type within your community?! Or do you plan to try to now after my challenge?

What are you guys up to this weekend?!

KC and I are headed to a Guardians of the Galaxy "Cereal Party" at Alamo Drafthouse in KCMO with a friend. I can't wait to see the movie! Then later that afternoon/evening it's the 4th Annual Kansas Food Truck Festival! This year we have 5(!) friends joining us!! I can't wait! :) (see year 1, year 2, and year 3) On Sunday we are celebrating my sister Jess's 24th bday! I can't wait to see her and my family and celebrate with them! :) Hoping to keep the rest of the weekend free! Busy busy!

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PS - if you made it through my whole PSA, or post one of your own... I'll give you a prize.

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