Thursday, May 4, 2017

Four Months In // 2017 Goal Progress

Hello everyone! I hope that you have been having a great week! 

This time of year is busy busy busy with graduations, weddings, and showers! I'm grateful for lazy week nights at home with KC in between! :)

In order to keep up with my goals for 2017 a little better, I have been trying to do monthly mini goals. :) See my 2017 goals here.

Goals for April:

1) Prep for NOLA! *yayyy!*

We did it, sort of, we didn't do a lot of prep! But we did go, and had a good time, see the post, here.

2) Read 5 books!

I did this! :) I posted about The Bone Witch, Just Ella, and Palace of Mirrors in my March Post. I'll talk about The Mermaids Singing and The Catcher and The Rye next week. And anything else that I can read in between now and then. I sadly did not finish Erin's 6.0, but I really enjoyed the books I did read for her challenge!

3) Get back on the Yoga train

I think that I did yoga once....? But I did take a ton of walks, and I started doing arm weights! How about a picture of Duchess in a box instead?!

4) Read at least 2 Netgalley books

Just 1, The Bone Witch. Hopefully now that I'm not doing a reading challenge, I can read a ton of netgalley and fun fluffy books! :)

5) Bridal Shower plans for Juliet

I worked with two other girls on this, we had lots of fun at the party! We had yummy food, drinks, and fun games! :) See the recap and details, here.

6) Try some new healthy recipes (3?)

I tried 2 healthy-ish recipes. One healthier than the other. They were both easy and fast though! I wasn't blown away by either though.... 

When we did eat out, I tried to have tons of yummy salads and veggie meals, which made me feel good healthy-eating-wise! :)

7) Find and start a photo challenge

I found a fun photo idea list from a documenting magazine, there is a general list of photo ideas for each month of the year. I printed them out, and put them into my planner. I am starting with May this week! :) I also made a board on Pinterest of other photo challenges and idea lists. If you're looking for one, check this out! :) 

8) Read one book from an under-loved genre (2017 goal list)

I read one classic, and one sad contemporary novel. I don't usually read either, though those are not specifically on my category list. Close enough!

9) Think of some spring traditions for me and KC

Hmmm this is a tough one. We definitely had some new St. Patrick's Day fun this year, but since then it's mostly been travel and down time. We have been eating outside more though, which is lovely. I made a list in my planner, but we haven't implemented much, or made any decisions.

10) Take at least 10 walks, enjoy the weather before it gets too hot!

I took 17 walks (only counting each day in NOLA as 1... which it's tons more!). I feel great about this! :) We also took the cats out on their harnesses again. Duchess wanted to catch a squirrel, Scali moved around a little bit more!

Total: 7/10 - not bad!

Other Accomplishments:

I got round 1 of dental work done. It went as well as it possibly could have! My root canal was just a crown, and he went ahead and did nearby fillings while he was in there. 1 quadrant down! I used the nitrous and it really helped. My mouth hurt SO much afterward. I woke up every night for about a week around 2 AM with aching teeth... but it's worth it now. :) I am dreading going back though. :( 

We did the library book sale, see hauls here.

We saw Sleeping Beauty at the KC ballet's gorgeous Kauffman Center.

We celebrated my sweet Olivia's bday. She's TEN. TEN! Oh my gosh. She's the coolest kid I've ever met, and it was a blast to spend the whole day with her. We watched her play volleyball, had lunch, opened gifts, went to the park and played, went bowling, had dinner, and then went for ice cream! Wow, it was a fun day! :) 

We started watching izombie with my inlaws, they are enjoying it. I am enjoying the second watch-through. We're now caught up on the current episodes too. Woots! I will implore you AGAIN to just watch it. I promise it's super punny, clever, and pretty dark sometimes. Rose McIver acts her ass off in every episode. She is so convincing with each new brain. And I thought this before I knew she was from New Zealand. I can NEVER hear her accent popping out.

We had a successful bridal shower for my SIL Kels. I was glad to see so many friends and family members come out to celebrate with her! :) 

I also did a lot of design work for Simply Alexandra Stationery (I would love a "like" on Facebook!)! I did shower invites for Kels and Juliet, as well as a custom recipe book for Kels. I did wedding invitations for Juliet, her mom (Ruth), and Kels. Even some rehearsal dinner invitations for Juliet! It's been so fun! 

Goals for May:

1) Get grad gifts and plans ready! (Need ideas? Check here & here!)
2) Read 5 books! (all the fun/fluffy books now that Erin's 6.0 is over!)
3) Work on some surprise gifts / snail mail! 
4) Get 2nd round of dental work done 
5) Start planning a summer road trip
6) Finish up my SIL's wedding invites, etc.
7) Upcycle something
8) Film shorter scrapbook videos for Youtube!
9) Try a craft (non-paper) (even from a tiny kit) 
10) Walk, Yoga, Weights, NO SODA, healthy meals as much as possible pre-wedding!

11) Try getting our groceries at Aldi, see the savings! :)
12) Plan a game night

How was April for you?

What did you accomplish?

What are your goals for May? Sheesh it's May...!

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