Monday, May 1, 2017

Juliet's Lingerie Shower + White Sangria Recipe / April 2017

Hello friends! I hope that you had a great weekend! Ours was packed with social activities, and it ended up being so fun. We had a bit of downtime on Sunday which was also nice!

The biggest part of my weekend was hosting (one of my best friends), Juliet's lingerie shower! She's getting married at the end of May, and since she lives in Taiwan... she can't have normal bridal showers (where would she put the stuff?!). Lingerie however, is traditionally very packable. ;) 

We had such a fun time, it was a small group of us, about half of her bridal party, and it was a great sized group!


Tassels - DIY here. I got a HUGE package of tissue paper at TJMaxx for $2.99.
Balloons - Target Dollar Spot, y'all! ($5 each)
Milk Glass Vases + Flowering Culinary Sage - you can get milk glass at thrift stores and I keep this collection on the mantle in our new space! Culinary sage were the most wild looking flowers I could find in town, super pretty! Adding the flowers made my everyday vases look more festive!


Drinks - Strawberry Mint Margaritas, Gin/Blueberry Drink (SO STRONG! I recommend adding a bit more cranberry!), and White Sangria (recipe below).
Food - appetizers, crudite, and pretzels.
Desserts - spice cupcakes, blueberry pavlova (I changed the blueberry jam a bit), and Birthday Cake Popcorn.

White Wine Peach Sangria

1 bottle of white wine
1/2 cup peach vodka (any peach liquor will do)
2 peaches sliced (or 1 small bag of frozen sliced peaches)
1 orange, sliced
1 1/4 cups of orange juice
1/4 cup sugar (to taste, very optional!)
ginger ale/club soda to taste (1/2 liter)

1) Mix all ingredients aside from ginger ale/club soda. Let chill for at least one hour (I made it the night before).
2) Add ginger ale/club soda immediately before serving.


The Panty Game - each guest is instructed to bring a pair of panties, they should be unwrapped and put into a bag/box as guests arrive. Then, hang each pair of panties up, and have the bride guess which pair is from which guest. There are several versions to this game, in one nothing happens if you guess incorrectly, this time we played that you have to try on the pair that you guessed incorrectly and model for your guests (over your clothing ;). Would you guys like the PDF of the sign I made for the bag?

Marriage Advice Madlib - KC and I made a madlib (I didn't like any existing ones!) that was around the topic of marriage advice. I designed a PDF and printed them for the guests. Reading them was a blast, and they definitely got a little naughty. We all laughed so hard. Would you guys like this PDF?! 

Disney Love Song Guessing Game, get that printable, here. Some of them were pretty tough, and it got us all singing Disney songs. hehe :) 


Our baking store went out of business last summer, so Jessica and I (figuring we'd be hosting something... ;) gathered up some cute party crown/hats, and matching cupcake liners with toothpick tassels. They were cute and fun little touches.

I always like to use white serving platters if I can. Ours are packed right now, but I think they really help! 

I used these carafes for our drinks. They are so handy, simple, cheap, and cute.

Lastly, we gave nail polish favors. I like to get Essie because they're nicer polish. I get mine at TJMaxx, because they're $3-4 cheaper each. :) I put a little tag on each that said, "to a lifetime of getting nailed!" - thanks, Pinterest!

Have you guys ever thrown a bridal shower or lingerie shower?

What is your go-to food to make for a crowd?



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