Friday, May 20, 2011

St. Louis Weekend Trip! // April 2011

A few weeks ago Kyle and I took a weekend trip to St. Louis, MO. It was wonderful! We made an upbeat playlist on my iPod and drove the ~5 hour drive which was really nice and pretty much straight there. We got in a little early, grabbed some lunch at the diner right next to the Fox Theatre. I had the biggest chili dog EVER. It was as big as my face. Impressive. 

After lunch we got in line outside of the Fox and waited for the doors to be opened. We were there to see Celtic Woman. I was blown away. The Fox was GORGEOUS! Beautiful! 1920's extremely rich and intricate in design and decoration. So beautiful. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to take pictures of the interior or not so I didn't but it is EXTREMELY worth the trip just to see it! Celtic Woman was amazing! The singing and dancing was wonderful and it was just a really great afternoon.

After the concert we went to Elves Manor Guest House, where we stayed for the night. It is the cutest place in the world. It is a carriage house converted into a guest house. It is very unique and has the most delicious food that you could ask for. Karen the inkeeper is wonderfully friendly and hospitable. We had a wonderful stay! We took a lot of pictures but here are a few to give you an idea!

Tiny adorable pinecones!

The Fabulous Fox Theatre! 

Celtic Woman!


Elves Manor Guest House! So perfect!!

Hot Tub and Hammock!


Pretty Stained Glass on the Front Door!

 The Kitchen! So cozy!

Fireplace and Sitting Area!

 Living Room!

 Office Area!

 Living Room!

 Yummy Food! 

 Mini Spinach Quiches! YUM!

View from the Loft!

2nd Floor Bedroom!

 2nd Floor Bathroom!

The Arch! :) 

We are thinking that Elves Manor and various pieces of St. Louis could make for a wonderful weekend getaway location! 

We highly recommend Elves Manor, Celtic Woman and the Fox Theatre! 

What are your favorite parts of St. Louis? What are your favorite weekend getaways?

All for now!



  1. Wow! Your photos are beautiful! Thank you so much, Alexandra. I am both delighted and honored that Elves Manor was part of such a special weekend for you and Kyle.

    I've been thinking about you, too. I just returned from a trip out East, on which I took the earrings that you made for me. Every time I wear them, I thank you :)

  2. We were honored to get to stay there! I sincerely hope that we get to come back very soon for another visit!

    So glad you are enjoying the earrings and your travels!

    Thank you again! :)


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