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Five Months In // 2017 Goal Progress

Hello everyone! I hope that you have been having a great week! 

In order to keep up with my goals for 2017 a little better, I have been trying to do monthly mini goals. :) See my 2017 goals here.

Goals for May:

1) Get grad gifts and plans ready! (Need ideas? Check here & here!)

Check! We managed to get everyone who invited us a small gift. Our sisters and Jacob got a bit bigger gifts. For Kels we got her this bar necklace in silver and it says, "she will not fall" - which is from a scripture that she really likes. We also got her Emily Ley's book Grace not Perfection which I would love to read as well. Jess got a massage gift card! Woot, and we got Jacob a Target gift card to go toward a Nintendo Switch. LOL.

2) Read 5 books! (all the fun/fluffy books now that Erin's 6.0 is over!)

Woohoo! I did this! I started out super strong with double Jenny Han in one week. I started the To All The Boys I've Loved Before series. It's so cute and fun! Then I read the full version of We Are Okay, and Seven Days of You. I may have finished those last two in the same day. Then I was trying to play catch up with TV adaptations, and read Thirteen Reasons Why and Big Little Lies. I finished the month with a Netgalley book, Destination Thailand, which was lots of fun. You'll have to come back next week for ratings and reviews. :) 

3) Work on some surprise gifts / snail mail! 

Check! Obviously there were the graduation gifts, but I wanted to put more effort into my snail mail game. I ordered a few old stationery kits from Studio Calico. They had a special going on, and I got some really cute cards and other accessories! I was able to start planning a few fun packages/cards for friends, and my blogger snail mail was definitely a little prettier this month! :) 

4) Get 2nd round of dental work done 

Check! Once again, my root canal was just a crown! :) He did the crown and worked nearby. I didn't have very much pain this time either. But he wrote me a prescription just in case. The unfortunate part is that my insurance contribution for the year is nearly up. So my next round will be mostly out of pocket. Goodbye Money! It's also hard to tell what all needs done next and what the priority should be. If I could, I'd love to do it all this year, but that's just not going to work all out of pocket. So I'm hoping he can give me some insight into what CAN'T wait, and what probably can until January. #stress I'm still proud of myself for going and doing it.... but it's a bit marred by the money and confusion right now.

5) Start planning a summer road trip

We finally have it narrowed down to one weekend. The only possible weekend this summer to go... and I think we have a route in mind.... So we need to start working on the details.

6) Finish up my SIL's wedding invites, etc.

Check! I finished these. I'm not sure if I will be doing any thank you notes or programs for any of the three weddings I'm doing, but I am happy to have a bit of a break either way. :)

7) Upcycle something

No actual videos..., but I did take a lot of photos and quick flips for Instagram. :) 

9) Try a craft (non-paper) (even from a tiny kit) 

Check! I did this. I used a mini weaving kit that came with a Mollie Makes magazine that I purchased. It started out rocky, I had to pull out rows, start over, etc. But I exercised my patience, and it ended up looking really cute... until I cut it off the loom. I think there was either a) something wrong with the way I wrapped it... or b) something wrong with the instructions for cutting it. Now it looks really shabby. But at least I tried... : / I started looking at a macrame one, I got the first few steps done, but didn't work any further on it just yet.

10) Walk, Yoga, Weights, NO SODA, healthy meals as much as possible pre-wedding!

I did off an on okay at this! The first week of May was kind of "meh," the second week I was really on top of it all. The third week was also good. The worst part on the third week was healthy eating. My stomach was killing me, so I was mostly eating crackers, yogurt, and carbs. : / There were many days closer to the wedding that I managed to do multiple walks and arm weights! Woot. I also did well with not having soda up until right after the wedding. haha.

11) Try getting our groceries at Aldi, see the savings! :)

This didn't happen. Hoping to make it there in June.

12) Plan a game night

We sort of talked about a weekend that might work... but no real plans have been made.

Total: 8/12 - not too bad!

Other Accomplishments:

We saw Celtic Woman, I shared a song and a mini PSA about supporting the arts.
We celebrated my sister's birthday, graduation, and first Mother's Day!

We saw Guardians of the Galaxy vol. II. It was pretty good. I didn't much care for all the Ego stuff... but the rest was good. I'm excited to see the next chapter.

We went to the 4th Annual Kansas Food Truck Festival and ate #allthefood
We celebrated my SIL and her fiance's graduations. We celebrated Olivia's 4th grade recognition ceremony, and we celebrated two more friends' graduations as well, busy busy!

I completed the time limit on my 101 in 1,001 days, check out how it went, here.
Photo by Lauren Elaine Pearson
We enjoyed Juliet's Wedding Weekend. See the full post, here!

Goals for June:

1) Try another make ahead breakfast
2) Finish macrame craft I started
3) Try getting caffeine from tea ( : / )
4) Read 5 books (fluff, upcoming movie releases, and Erin's 7.0)
5) Try 2 new-to-us restaurants
6) Check off some Netgalley reads
7) Make a summer dessert
8) Film shorter scrapbook videos for Youtube!
9) Go on a picnic (if the weather is ever nice enough?)
10) Try out rough IG and Tuesday schedules
11) Do Yoga every Tuesday + arm weights
12) Get something accomplished in my Etsy store (starting should not be a hurdle!)

How was May for you?

What did you accomplish?

What are your goals for June? Holy Toledo this year is just flying!!

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