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6 Fairy Tale Re-tellings to Add to Your TBR // Bookworm

Did you know that Monday was "Tell A Fairy Tale Day"? I didn't either! Since I've spent a lot of time over the past few years reading fantasy, and specifically fairy tale retellings, I wanted to share this post of 6 fairy tale retelling recommendations today!

Everyone loves a good story. Fairy tales, myths, and legends filled with love, adventure, and danger captivate as children into adulthood. C.S. Lewis said, "Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again." He brings up a point that fairy tales stand the test of time and have no one audience. You can fall in love with the magic of a good tale at any age, and learn from them whether you are 5 or 85. That being said, sometimes a twist on a classic is a good way to go.

Here are six highly rated Fairy Tale Re-tellings from my list to add some magic to your TBR. All links lead to Goodreads!

1) The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Retellings Of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Snow White

Imagine classic fairy tales that take place in a futuristic setting. Earth is threatened by a horrible plague, androids, cyborgs, and humans must coexist, and an evil queen living on the moon poses a huge threat to Earth. This series starts with Cinder and along the way you will be swept up in a fantastic world, fall in love with so many characters, and enjoy little bits of familiar tales woven into these novels. I highly recommend if you are looking for quick reads!

2) Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood

When two sisters lose their grandmother to a wolf attack, they make it their mission to fight off the wolves, and keep them from harming others. When their old friend comes back to town, he tells them they embark on a mission to find out who the new wolf recruits are and kill them. Scarlett is dedicated to her task, but Rosie finds herself wanting to follow a different path. I really enjoyed this spin on Little Red Riding Hood, and enjoyed that this story wasn't all fantasy, or romance, but focused on sisterhood too. I see that Pearce has a lot of other fairy tale retellings as well, I would be interested in picking them up!

3) Entwined by Heather Dixon

Retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Azalea and her siblings are mourning their mother's death. While in mourning they can't do their favorite thing: dance. When they discover a magic that allows them to dance at night, they don't realize what darkness they are dealing with. This tale is one part fairy tale retelling, another part regency-esque family tale. I really enjoyed how different it was, and would honestly like to read it again.

4) A Court of Thorns and Roses (Series) by Sarah J. Maas 

Retellings Beauty & the Beast, and more.

This series follows Feyre, a human huntress in a poor family. She's desperate to feed her sisters and father, so one day she kills a wolf, however she doesn't know that there is a price for killing it. When a mysterious beast comes to claim her and take her into the faerie realm she must use her instincts to survive. It is SO impossible to sum up this series without giving away too much.. so I won't try. But this series has a high fantasy feel, with quite a bit of romance, and a decent chunk of action as well. It's very vividly written, and I'm absolute trash for it!

5) Throne of Glass (Series) by Sarah J. Maas

Retellings of Cinderella, and more.

This series follows Celaena, an assassin who is pulled out of life in prison to compete in a competition to become the king's champion. She must defeat 23 other contestants in order to win her freedom. During the competition, something evil is manifesting inside the castle.I have not read this entire series yet, but I am sure that once I do, I will be in love with it. Especially since I love ACoTaR so much! Plus all of you say it is fantastic!

6) Scarlet (series) by AC Gaughan

Retellings of Robin Hood

Will Scarlet is a part of Robin Hood's band of Merry Men... however, Will is not a man at all, but a woman. Scarlet keeps her identity among the town of Nottingham a secret, as she's hiding from a dangerous past. When a new sheriff comes to Nottingham, Scarlet and the town are in more danger than ever before. This is a three part series, and I absolutely loved it. This story is told in first person with a dialect, which I found charming, and Audrey hated! hehe So do with that info what you will. I really enjoyed this retelling and found the whole series to be good, no last book slump. It reads a little more like action-packed historical fiction, and there isn't any magic for those who are not into that kind of thing!

A Few I Would Not Recommend:

Summerlong by Peter S. Beagle a retelling of Hades & Persephone
Briar Rose by Jane Yolen a retelling of Sleeping Beauty

Of course I have another volume of this coming your way soon, and I have a TON of fairy tale retellings on my TBR!

Have you read any of these? What did you think?

Do you have any to recommend to me?!

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