Friday, February 2, 2018

Have You Heard? // Vance Joy - "Saturday Sun"

Happy February Friends! I am well enough but still shaking off fatigue. Work has been absolutely insane, I'm hoping that things calm down soon! Send me good vibes if you have any!

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I'm still working on my goals, and my intentions for the year. I guess with my health this year it makes sense for my "new year" to start February 1, rather than January 1. :) Stay tuned for those things! And tell me your goals, I want some inspiration!

Vance Joy comes out with his new album this month! :) Hooray! Yesterday he released another new song, called "Saturday Sun". It is SO catchy, I can't wait for February 23rd!

Alright, well this has definitely brightened my day! :) "No ray of sunlight's ever lost" - I love that!

What are you guys up to this weekend?

We are headed to my sister Olivia's basketball game, assuming she gets over her cold. :) Then I have plans to thoroughly enjoy the Kitten Bowl, and multi-task through the Super Bowl. :P I am hoping to do some reading, organizing (we still have our tree up... x_x), and scrapbooking. I've been playing with traveler's notebooks and water color... etc. and I just want to spend some time making a mess!

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