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2019 Goals & Word // Let's Do This!

Woohoo! It is 2019! The last few years have been a doozy. Really really. 2018 was definitely the year where I experienced the most positive change and growth. I was able to move from managing my anxiety (and holding on for dear life), to actively working on some new improvements and feeling a little bit of motivation again. I think the last time I felt that way was about 2015. This year, oh this year.. this year I'm feeling so ready to work on so many things and have a lot of fun. I want out of the shell even more. I feel prepared to do it, because I've spent the last few years learning to take care of myself. That is so exciting, friends! (I'm having trouble expressing myself... but I think you get it!)

Personal vs. Common Goals

This year KC and I set some common goals and divided them up first into categories, and then into actionable chunks through the months. The header goals are the main ones, and the little bullets are ideas that we have to carry them out throughout the year. :) In other words... this might look like a massive list... but it's really just an actionable list to be divided up over the next 12 months. This makes the blog post look crazy, but I enjoy knowing how people break down their big goals, and their specific actions toward tackling them, so I wanted to share them anyhow! :) A lot of these are things that I put on my lists year after year and have trouble tackling by myself. I think approaching them as a family will make us more successful, and make it more fun!

So... here are my goals for 2019!

Personal Goals

Word of the Year: 


I really want to grow all of the things. From a flower garden and pollinator friendly yard to better habits, and more diverse experiences.

Personal Goals:

Plant a Garden (flowers, fruit/veggies that we will eat, bee-friendly plants)
Go Kayaking (as much as possible)
Try Family Recipes and Learn Their Stories (probably document it)
More Outdoor Adventures (horseback riding, SUP, camping, hiking, etc.)
Read 60 Books (more fairy tales, more non-fiction, a few classics, a biography)
Feed the Birds!
Make a Hummingbird Cake
Go to the Beach
Settle into our home!
Try a New Pie Recipe

Common Goals:


Things Have A Physical Home
     -Craft/Scrapbook Items
     -Books (build built-ins)
     -Closet Storage (winter clothes x_x)
     -Entertainment System (built in, video games, etc.)
     -Laundry Area (storage, tiny mudroom spot)
     -Kitchen Organization (streamline, creative storage)
     -Pantry Organization

Yard Woes + Low Maintenance Landscape
     -Get Grating Done (Save Money, Schedule)
     -Add Stair Rail to Outdoor Stairs
     -Edge the Sidewalk
     -Repair Fence
     -Landscaping on Hill
     -Wood Pile (cut up into manageable bits, dispose or us)
     -Tree Management (take down more trees? :(, save money, etc.)
     -Hang Up Mailbox
     -Grow a Moonflower Plant on Our Porch
     -Get a Lilac Plant
     -Buy Garden/Lawn Tools
     -Consider our backyard/driveway (garage? shed? patio area/furniture?)

Plan for Home Updates (budget, timeline, wish list, etc.)
     -Living Room Floor
     -Stair Flooring
     -Tile (both bathrooms, laundry room)
     -Back Splash
     -Paint Burgundy Strip of Wall
     -New Stove (gas?)
     -New Dishwasher
     -Furniture (chairs for upstairs, dining chairs, card table, etc.)
     -Hang Things on Walls
     -Light for Landing
     -Basement Storage (shelves, what goes down there, light, etc.)
     -Get "last" of Things from KC's Parent's House
     -Paint Bathroom Sink Cabinet
     -Paint Bedroom Furniture


Take After Dinner Walks
Go Kayaking
Go Hiking
Spend More Time Outdoors


Save Money to Achieve Goals (and determine what those are, how to prioritize, etc.)
     -Meet Twice Per Month About Budget
Reliable and Accurate Budget Plan


Master One Loaf of Bread
Add 5-10 New Reliable Recipes to Our Go-To List
     -Go to Aldi
     -Try a Few New Recipes Each Month (both choose!)


Have a Kitchen Garden (use it)
     -Get Tools
     -Plan What To Grow (how much, map it out, planting schedule, etc. etc.)
     -Learn Maintenance, Skills, etc.
     -Grow Flowers (which, where, etc. etc.)
Learn to Meal Plan (in some capacity) by End of Year
Have Cleaning Schedule (light) by End of Year
Keep Social Calendar Manageable
     -Set Off Limits Days (no plans!)
     -Set Scheduled Days (to do an actual thing together)
     -Meet Every Sunday about Social Calendar (for upcoming week)
Focus on Our Marriage
     -Go On Two Dates Per Month
     -Enjoy More Everyday Together Activities (walks, cooking dinner, baking, playing games) vs. sitting and reading/playing video games. :)


Make Plans for Europe (even if it's a 2020 or 2021 type of trip)
Volunteer/Give Back
Go to Hawaii
Go to the Beach (could be in Hawaii)

Because I think it's fun to look back... here are my goals from 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012!

What are your goals for this year? If you have a post, send me the link!! I'd love to read it... and get back into blogging and blog reading a bit more regularly this year!!

Do you break up your big goals to make them more actionable or manageable?



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