Wednesday, January 13, 2016

16 Goals for 2016

I finally finalized my goals for the year. :)

Here they are:
  • Read 50 books
    • 7 classics
    • 2 eco friendly books
    • 25 fairytales, folktales, myths, legends, etc. (some of which may not be full books, could be short stories, poems, etc.)
  • Get TSA Pre Approved - (Oh, the time we'll save!!)
  • Get a New Bed
  • See Coldplay / Get Tickets to See Coldplay - if they ever announce their North American tour dates...
  • Visit 6 New Places
    • 1 on our list for a long time
    • 1 road trip
  • Try 50 New to Me Recipes
  • Plan 12 Date Nights
  • Watch 12 Disney Movies
  • Do Yoga / Dance / DVD Workout 150 times
  • Make a Point to Eat Lots of Veggies at least once per day
  • Get All Dental Work Done - I'm a big baby, and I'm TERRIFIED
  • Learn About (or how to do) 5 New Things
  • Get an essential oil diffuser and eco-friendly candles
  • Save Money - we did great at this in 2015!
  • Find a Treasure
  • Seek Out Water - drink it, be near it, hear it, look at it... you get the idea, as much as possible.

Setting goals yearly, monthly, seasonally, monthly, weekly, and over longer term periods of time really helps me mix things up, track how I'm doing, and notice where I'm changing. Even times when I don't finish a ton of my goals, I notice new things about myself, and feel like I have achieved more overall. :)

What are your goals for 2016?!

Anybody have a great recipe or fairytale I should read / make?! Leave me your links!! :)



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