Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Goals & Word

Wow, Happy Wednesday friends,

I don't know about you, but 2017 has started with an explosion... and not a good one. I'm not really ready to get into it, but let's just say this explosion has caused some after booms for me and KC (and plenty of others). Most of which are confusing. But KC and I are trying to use our energy in a positive way, if not getting little intensely motivated/extreme. More on all this later...bleh.

Reflections & Goal Planning/Explanation: 

I did some reflecting on 2016 and a lot of what I realized about my anxiety is that it often stems from a lack of space. Whether that is physical space, mental space, or a sense of freedom. So a lot of my goals are centered around those ideas. :) This may seem like a giant list, but a lot of it is written to accommodate specific ideas, and *trying* things... even if I don't end up implementing them longer-term. Some of them are also things that I am currently doing, that I want to continue with. I've been thinking hard about all of my goals and issues I want to work on, and what those big and small moving pieces are. So, I am choosing the word "space" this year for obvious reasons. I don't usually pick a word, but I think it will really help me focus this year! :)


Work out 3x's per normal week (at least)
Put Healthy Meals on Rotation
Try 25 New Healthy Recipes (add them to rotation if we like them enough!)
Get new mattress = sleep better
Continue to take stairs and walks at work
Try out at least one active hobby (ideas: SUP, kayaking, boxing, etc.)
Get dental work done
Visit a dermatologist
Attempt grazing - I'm the WORST snacker...
Focus on healthy breakfasts & caffeine sources


Limit & be intentional with plans that we make
Do one de-stressing activity per day (yoga, coloring, reading, meditating, etc.)
De-clutter (physical clutter = mental clutter)
     -sort through boxes and tubs in storage at KC's parent's house - ALREADY STARTED!
     -coat closet
     -wall hanging items
     -kitchen cabinets/kitchen craziness...
     -under bathroom sink
     -bathroom linen closet
     -jewelry box
     -boxes of un-homed junk...
     -things I hide in the closet....
     -filing paperwork....
Reduce amount of technology that I have to deal with
     -limit notifications
     -unsubscribe from email lists
     -delete drobox from laptop...
     -have "un-reachable" times?
Check long-standing items off my to-be-done list. I love Gretchen Rubin's 1 hour per week idea!
     -being healthy (folded in above)
     -dentist (same)
     -DSLR skills
     -sewing skills
     -reading classics
Make a point to listen to music!
Purchase an essential oil diffuser
Look into getting a weighted blanket


Populate my Etsy with invite templates
Do a bridal show (maybe)
Make Flyers and put up around town #oldschool
Re-brand blog
Continue/improve with Youtube
Scheduling items (see scheduling section below)
Learn more about what y'all like reading about in this space!


Take a cooking class
Pick up (try) either: sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery... something NON-paper!
Do a 2017 PL/scrapbook album (monthly highlights, as the year goes on) - keep sharing the progress!
Attend more non-concert live performances
Do some type of photo challenge (even a short one)
Apply to be on 2018 creative teams with documenting brands!
Take a DSLR course
Food in Jars challenge with Rachel (flexibly!)
Make a new dessert
Get a better/more versatile printer for documenting


Set up a rough guideline for using my Tuesdays well (or a rigid schedule)
Make a social media posting schedule (because I forget and it stresses me out!)
Make a cleaning schedule
Try some meal-prepping schedules - find something that works pretty well

Cozy Family - inspired by the ideas of hygge and minimalism

Learn about Hygge and apply some ideas from it to our day-to-day life
Create more traditions with KC as our own little family (seasonal, holiday, weekend, little things, etc.)
Make a point to enjoy and experience each season
Be at home more
Take our time and be slow


Read 50 total books
Read at least one book from each category:
     -graphic novel
     -science fiction
     -historical fiction
     -short story
Complete a reading challenge
Read 5 Non-fiction books, not including cookbooks/craft books that are just skimmed
Read 5 Classics (ideas: Jane Austen & F. Scott Fitzgerald, War and Peace, and Wuthering Heights)
Continue with book ban (specifically reading mostly owned books, and selling them once I am done reading!)


Go back to NOLA
Plan out NYC!
<3 p=""> Visit at least two other new places (even if they are close-by)
Travel with friends
Try a new food


Find a dress for SIL's wedding
Plan bachelorette/shower night for Juliet
Continue having game nights
Epic KC bday week
Have a "Galantine's Party"!
Give 6 little gifts
Spoil the heck outta Jess's baby
Swap GG nights for Movie nights with close friends
Generally plan more things with my girlfriends (because they're pretty amazing)

What do you do specifically do de-stress?

Do you have an essential oil diffuser? If so, which one, I'm on the hunt... but there's tons to sift through! #overwhelmed

Likewise, there are a ton of books on Hygge, have any of you read them? Also sifting through TONS of those!! 

Healthy/easy breakfast ideas? Send them my way!! 

What do you do for little traditions with your family/SO/Roomie/etc.?

What types of posts do you most like to read here? Which ones don't you love? What do you want to see more of, or added to this blog?

I know most of you have posted your goals for the year, and I've loved reading them! But feel free to tell me more about them below!!

Let's do this 2017!



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