Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015 Goals // I Didn't Have Any Until Now...

Oh you guys, sometimes I think you can be too busy to know what you want. Does that make sense?

I know you all are probably tired of hearing about how not fun Jan-July were for me, I'm tired of typing it... but August gave me some time to think and breathe, and come up with some new goals, that I am actually excited about.

Before now this has been the only year I haven't posted any yearly goals, so here you have my 2015 goals. Some of them can't count for the whole year, but I'll start keeping track now.

Here we go!

1) read 50 books
2) visit 3 new states
3) start selling my invitations and hand lettering
4) completely clean out the bedroom and closet
5) start saving money, intentionally, ideally $1000 per pay period
6) have fun cooking again
7) learn to make a new dessert
8) send more than just envelopes in the mail (packages, gifts, etc.)
9) do yoga again! Ideally 3 times per week at least.
10) get back to work on my scrapbooks
11) watch 12 classic or cult classic movies
12) take 5 classes, workshops, etc. related to invitation design and lettering
13) focus on KC and I's Christmas traditions, and make more
14) blog at least once per week
15) buy a moto jacket
16) start learning my DSLR
17) host a clue themed party
18) see a play or musical
19) plan out 5 legitimate date nights
20) plan some kind of party for just the girls in my life :)

Some of these are probably a little ambitious, some of them are half done, others aren't that specific. But you know what? I'm just happy to want to do things again. :)

It's good to challenge yourself, and to be easy on yourself. It just depends on the season. I'm working on balance.

What do you hope to accomplish through the rest of the year?

How are you doing on your 2015 goals so far?



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