Friday, July 22, 2016

Have You Heard? // Broods - "Free"

Broods is one of my current favorite bands. The catchy and dreamy alt-pop with brother-sister vocals is so on point. I love to listen to their stuff. They are playing at Chipotle's Cultivate Festival this weekend in KC and it's free... and it's going to be hotter than blazes so I think we aren't going to go! :/

We were lucky to see them in concert last March, and they were SO good. Now they've come out with their second album, Conscious.

Here's the first single, "Free". Very cool. I've still only heard it a few times, but goodness can Georgia sing!?!?!

I just downloaded the album as well and have listened to it a few times, it was GREAT road trip music when we drove to and from Nashville - so upbeat! I love what I'm hearing. There is even a song featuring Lorde, and another featuring Tov Lo.

What do you think of it?

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What have you guys been listening to?!

Any fun plans this weekend?!

Happy Friday!


*Oh and if you made it to the bottom, just a head's up on Monday... I'm going to be posting about KC's manbun. It's a really silly post, but I hope you guys enjoy it! :P *

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