Wednesday, October 19, 2016

September & October Currently // Rare

I normally have  a lovely travel post up on Wednesday mornings... alas, not today.

Instead I'll share what I've been up to recently. :)

Seeing: Fall colors - finally! Though... it was 88 degrees on Monday. What. Kansas. - oy with the temps already!

Feeling: A little bit grumpy about the lack of free time recently... but I'll deal. - I think.

Drinking: Campfire Mochas from Caribou Coffee - help!!

Eating: Lots of soup. We made a full batch of PW's minestrone... instead of a half. - whoops! SO MUCH SOUP. Then we made a potato chowder that did not turn out (for my SIL's engagment party) - bummer. And then we made chili for our game night.... so... #allthesoup The silver lining is that our friend Lee makes some really amazing wood fired oven bread... and we've been buying tiny loaves to accompany said soup. YUM. - Also The Waffle Iron has been popping up in town again, YAY! So we've been grabbing waffles! SO GOOD!

Watching: Everything. We've been really busy with social stuff recently, and at work, so we've been trying to decompress with Netflix. We are catching up on all of our CW shows: Reign, The Originals, TVD (the final season starts soon!), Jane the Virgin (end of season 2 broke my heart!), etc. We are now completely caught up on some, and only one season behind on others. We are also still making it through Parks and Rec, which is super fun. The epitome of small town Midwestern government. :)

Also went to see: Bridget Jones's Baby (laughed so hard I had eye SHADOW all down my face!), Magnificent 7 (not bad, Chris Pratt). Got Beauty & the Beast on Bluray... so fun, cannot wait for the live action one! :)

Reading: Lots of things... I am working through a lot of my Netgalley books right now. I am really enjoying Certain Dark Things at the moment. It's very imaginative and nice and dark for October. I really like the setting and the way the society is set up. Very interesting. I have too many things I want to read, but I may try to get through Girl On The Train next. :)

Planning: Halloween costumes for KC and I... I need to focus, it's coming right up! Parties: my SIL's engagement party is over. I think it went pretty well, though it was kind of hot and humid. : /  WE have had a few game nights, one with a baked potato bar, YUM! We are planning a Halloween one, and several baby showers for my sister among other things. Lastly some travel for 2017! Looks like it might be a few big trips for us! :) It's a little overwhelming to think about... and start planning... but I am sure it will be worth it in the long run! More on all that later!

Making: Invitations for my sister's showers, and making a list of what all needs done for the showers... feeling a bit overwhelmed by it at the moment.. but I am sure it will work out just fine! Putting the project life travel mini album on hold for right now, but I am still so happy with how it's looking! :)

Best Time this Month (so far!): The James Bay concert. Oh my goodness, what a dream!! :) It was the best show we have been to in A WHILE. He even played "Clocks Go Forward" and he hadn't all tour. What a great show!!

Buying: ... lots of things ... In September I definitely splurged on a few new things... but I am not sad about any of them. I got a really lovely necklace from 31 Bits's "refined" collection - I have worn it so much already! Rifle had a sale on their bags, so I finally got the Le Sportsac tote bag that I've been eyeing since we visited their studio/shop in Orlando. I even got a fall pallet from Honest Beauty and it's so pretty!

bathroom selfie game: on. point. - LOL

I bought a few sweaters and tops too.

And.... TWO moto jackets... (this is not a great picture of the jacket... it's an OK picture of the necklace though... ) but... I have been looking for one for at least 5 years and FINALLY found some. I bought the same jacket in two colors... :) A lot of my winter wardrobe needs a re-haul... so I'm not regretting any of these purchases. We also bought some really fun tickets that I can't tell you about yet! :)

So, I suppose that's mostly what I have been up to. Otherwise just really feeling the urge to de-clutter and be healthy. It's like a "new year" vibe or a "spring fever" but in October. Weird...

What have you been up to?!



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