Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Snapshots of Metropolis, IL // July 2016

On our way home from Nashville in July, we decided to stop in Metropolis, IL. Might sound a little familiar, because Metropolis is also the name of the city where Superman takes place. It sounded like a good kitschy, silly, road trip stop... and I am so glad that we did stop! :)

We visited the teeny town of Metropolis (hehe) and went to the Super Museum, and saw the giant Superman statue it was the perfect road trip activity!

Do/See/Shop: The Super Museum + Gift Shop + Superman Statue

The museum is pretty small, and costs just $5 to enter. It is filled with a collection of superman memorabilia, and swag through the many years and iterations. It is PACKED with photos, figurines, costumes from movies, kid's toys, etc. Such a blast to see so much in one space like this. It even goes so far as to include Smallville and Lois and Clark.

The gift shop, which is free to enter, contains tons of superman and other super hero items for purchase.

The superman statue is located near the museum, and is a great photo op.

There are also several superman and supergirl cut outs located around the outside of the museum for other photo ops... I clearly stuck my head in every single one... #noshame

I'm really glad we stopped here, I love to do quirky things like this while we are on the road! :)

Have you ever been to a fun road trip stop like this? - if so, where? I'd love to know.

Happy Trails!


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