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Nine Months In // 2016 Goal Progress

In order to keep up with my goals for 2016 a little better, I have been trying to do monthly mini goals. :) See my 2016 goals here

September Goals: 

1) Read 5 Books - ideally 2 from Netgalley and 1 classic

Those darn classics! I read SO MANY BOOKS in September. But no classics. I did review a bunch of Netgalley stuff too. :) Check out my September Reads for Show Us Your Books on Monday. Overall though, I am 90% done with my reading challenge on goodreads for the year! Woot woot! I was going to set it at 75 but ended up doing 50 and I'm almost done. I may make 75 after all! hehe :) I'm hoping to continue reading books from my own collection through the end of the year. Read more about my Book Ban....

2) Try 5 New Recipes - try for lots of DINNER recipes (not three cake ones... :P) 

Check! I did this! So many meals were planned and cooked. Woohoo! We have cut down on food waste, I seriously deep cleaned out the fridge. We cannot finish a jar or bottle of any sauce, condiment, jam, etc. It's pathetic. Anyhow, major success here, and I SURPASSED my yearly recipe goal this month! Check! :) 

3) Try three dance DVD workouts


4) Watch 3 Disney Movies

We just watched one, Pocahontas. I have some thoughts on that movie and the current state of this country.... If you feel like getting political with me, read my thoughts, here. If not... that's cool too. - I don't know if we have to be FB friends or not, but I'll accept you if you want to read it. :) 

5) Start a non-paper crafty project ( #stationeryobsessed )

I have made invitations, save the dates, worked on my project life album, lettered, sketched... cut out leaves for my SIL's engagement party. But that's ALL paper. I have been prepping my Halloween Costume, so maybe that counts? 

6) Plan fun fall/winter date night ideas, party ideas, etc.

Check! I picked a few dates that might work for game nights and parties with friends. I wrote down menu ideas (what we would bring, what they could bring) so I have that on hand. I need to pick the dates and get some info out to people. :) I also made a list of group/ and just KC & I activities for fall and winter. I also marked a lot of movie release dates in my planner... #overachiever .

7) Make Dental Appointment... 


8) Clean out baking cupboard, pare down record collection, make donations that I have been putting off.

I sorted through my records, and found a small(er than I would like) stack to donate. KC and his dad built the snazzy/handy little bench/storage cubes for us to use as seating and storage. SO NEEDED! They are amazing, and I have stored what I am keeping as far as records go in the little cubbies. :) 

My sister has sorted through my donation clothes and now I just need to get the box to the store! :) No progress on the kitchen cupboards as of yet... *I'm afraid!*

9) Make an apple pie

Check! We did this right away! KC brought home apples with the cider donuts from the farmer's market and I made a pie. It wasn't my favorite recipe, but it was still good! :) 

10) Come up with two fun surprise pieces of mail. :) 

I have a few ideas, but I haven't prepped or sent anything. : / Hopefully I can do this in October.


11) Brainstorm ideas related to upcoming weddings and baby arrival! :) 
     -showers, gifts, etc. etc.

check out my sister's bump!! :) 

Check! I did it! I bought tons of little cupcake papers and toppers, and napkins for upcoming parties, and as a stash in general. - mostly because our baking store is going out of business, :( . I worked some with my MIL to get things going for my SIL's engagement party in October. We did the invitations, and made lists, tried recipes, and cut out a lot of paper leaves. I also got a decent start on pinning and lists for my sister's two baby showers in November. Feeling pretty good about it all so far! :) 

Overall Total: 4/11 - so far.

Overall September was a much calmer month than we have had ALL of 2016. I enjoyed being home, cooking, cleaning, organizing, planning, reading... oh, I hope October is similar! :) It's definitely hard with so many baby/wedding things buzzing, lots of events on the horizon, but I am hoping we can still keep it under control. 

I am looking forward to the end of the year & beyond, because we have significantly less planned... well at least until February... WHEN MY SISTER IS GOING TO HAVE A BABY!! & May... WHEN ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS IS GETTING MARRIED!! & July.... WHEN MY SIL IS GETTING MARRIED!! - So much excitement coming in 2017! :) 

October Goals:

1) Read 5 Books - ideally 2 from Netgalley and 2 classics
2) Finish our Halloween Costumes!
3) DVD workouts
4) Watch 3 Disney Movies
5) Start a non-paper crafty project ( #stationeryobsessed )
6) Go to the re-opening of our campus art museum
7) Make Dental Appointment... 
8) Clean out baking cupboard, make donations that I have been putting off.
9) eeeeeeeeeettttttttsssssssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
10) Come up with two fun surprise pieces of mail. :) 


11) Prep for Jess's baby showers next month! & Kels's engagement party!

What have you guys been up to in September? Did you meet any of your goals? 

What are you hoping to do this Fall? - I cannot believe it's here!

Are there any goals that you are really slacking on so far in 2016? Read my half-way point goal check-in.

Anyone else doing a 101 in 1,001 list? Check out my 2 year progress HERE.

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