Monday, October 31, 2016

Snapshots of Halloween // 2016

Happy Halloween!

It's strange to have Halloween on a Monday, but I guess that means I can re-cap on my normal posting day. :)

We had our third annual Black & White Hallow's Night party last night, and it was so much fun! Each year a slightly different group of people has been able to come which is kind of fun!

Let's start with costumes, you may have seen these on Instagram, but KC and I dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf this year. It was tons of fun!

KC found this awesome mask at Target, it has a strap in the jaw that moves the mask's mouth when you talk! It absolutely freaks our cats out!

It took me forever to find a good cape... but I finally did, and it was $20, so I was glad not to shell out tons of money! :)

Overall a long cape and a long dress (with no shoes and a teeny apartment...) was not the greatest choice. I had to hold up my skirt and cape, and try not to snag on any furntiure while weaving in between chairs... Needless to say, today I am dressed up as little red werewolf hunter... because I can wear jeans. HA.

We made Hallowenos, mummy calzones, blackberry sangria with apple peels that look like worms..., and a salted caramel cake. It's also our friend Michael's bday weekend, so we have to double celebrate!

How cute are these?!?! I die. -Thank you Pinterest!

It's a bit messy... lol.

A big thank you to everyone who came over and dressed up! You made our Halloween fun! :) How cute is my sister and her baby as a Magic 8 Ball?! Everyone had really fun costumes, but I'm a little enamored by my sister's bump... :P

Even though my OE Jo is in Arizona... I have to include her kick-butt costume. It was her idea to be poison ivy (*sisters!*), and she even told my mom what type of outfit she wanted (cat woman's modified to be green and have ivy, obvs.).... She's so fierce! :)

What did you guys do for Halloween?

Did you dress up?!



P.S. Our cats were DEMONS all night. *cringe smile*

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