Thursday, February 2, 2017

One Month In // 2017 Goal Progress

Hello everyone, can you believe that it's February?

I can't. January was weird and it flew by.

While I set a bunch of goals I am really excited about for 2017, I did not make monthly goals for January. Or rather my goals were:

1) Get moved out of apartment by end of month.
2) Try to work out an eat healthfully/cook at home.
3) Limit extraneous spending.

Mostly, I just focused on that first one.

We spent the first few weeks of January getting into a healthy routine and cooking a lot. We started packing and moving bit by bit. It was mostly great. Lots of yoga, lots of progress, feeling good about plans.

The last few weeks of January were rather stressful. We basically just moved/packed 24/7 or when we were not at work. We thought we were almost done so many times, but were not. We quickly ran out of space in our new space for our items... and I'm writing this surrounded by boxes. Work got very busy as well, and on the last day to finish our move... we ended up driving to Lincoln, NE to deliver something for work. It was nice to get away, sort of? But mostly, I was just completely overwhelmed. My in laws were awesome and finished or move/clean for us. Though I hate that that is what it came down to.

So, I guess we'll call this a sort of pass?

We got out of the apartment, we can now start saving substantially, but there's a lot of organizing work to be done.

We worked out quite a bit, and then we literally had no floor space for yoga. But I guess tons and tons of moving and stairs basically count as work outs? My steps are looking good! haha

We did well with spending aside from the fact that moving, crazy work schedules, and sharing a kitchen aren't very conducive to cooking meals. So we've eaten out a lot. But, still progress I would say! I didn't buy a bunch of random fun things... so that's good!

Non-Moving Updates:

Visited a cute bookstore in Lincoln called Indigo Bridge Bookstore. Purchased Lauren Graham's book and The Little Book of Hygge. Woot! Sorry, book ban.

We saw Swan Lake and it was lovely. I hadn't seen it before and really enjoyed it. It was a nice mandatory moving break, and it was great that even though we lost the tickets (OMG!), they just re-printed them for us.

We saw LaLaLand... and I have very mixed feelings on it. Has anyone else seen it?

I am missing reading like crazy. There has been very little time for it and my fluffy book is turning out to be boring. But I'm almost done and am refusing to abandon it.

Goals for February:

1) Finish upacking/storing away items. /get settled in new space.
2) Send some snail mail
3) Finish last section of travel mini album, film video for it.
4) Have friends over for a game night!
5) Meet my sister's baby!! 
6) Plan out KC's bday week!
7) Try making egg muffins for breakfasts.
8) Read 5 Books
9) Start learning about Hygge
10) Prep some food for busy day meals

How was January for you?

What did you accomplish?

What are your goals for February?

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