Friday, February 10, 2017

Have You Heard? // Young the Giant - "Silvertongue"

Happy Friday Friends!

What a strange week it's been. Quiet compared to the last few, and I've read three books so far in February!!! (hallelujah!)

This song keeps coming on the radio, and it's very very catchy. I'm singing it all of the time. I hope it brightens your day, especially if you are in the office. :)

This weekend I have a morning salt preserving date with my friend Rachel. She's got skillz. She's always doing neat homestead-y or homemade things, and so I'm tagging along on her food preserving challenge this year. Last month we made prickly pear marmalade, this month we are doing a salt preserved soup starter and also a citrus salt. I have no idea how to correctly use either of those things, but hopefully she'll share some suggestions! (if you're interested in suburban homesteading, food preserving, crafting, foster parenting, living with Fibromyalgia, or backpacking trips definitely pay her blog a visit!)

Also, we're officially on baby watch! I want to meet my niece/nephew SO BADLY! We'll be hanging out at some point for my mom's birthday (whoop!), and if the baby makes an appearance... I'd be happy! If not, it might be next week! Her official due date is the 18th! So close!!!!!!!! (not excited or anything....).

In less great news... I'm feeling allergy-y and sickly. I think it's the crazy weather changes. High of 66 one day, 38 the next. Ick. I'm all sneezy. If I get sick and the baby comes I will be one very very sad aunt. - all I've really asked Jess is if I can hold the baby... and she keeps saying yes. LOLOLOL Less likely if I'm sneezing in it's cute little face.

Other than that I hope to do another big unpack/organizing session and read more! YAY reading, I missed it so much in January! Currently working on Where'd You Go, Bernadette for Erin's 6.0. All of the characters are insipid, but I like the format and the idea behind the book. We'll see how it goes.

What are you guys up to this weekend?!

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