Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August 2017 // Currently

I hope that you all are having a great week so far! Ours has been super relaxed. We've had time to get groceries AND do some chores, which is how you know things aren't too busy for us! I spent my day off being more mindful of my time, I finished up some audio for YouTube, read, did some cleaning, and made dinner. Calling that pretty good, but not quite sticking to my schedule. 

Drinking: Trying to stop drinking coffee. It has been absolutely demolishing my stomach. It's the worst. But I don't like tea, and I need caffeine. Anyone take caffeine pills? Still trying hard to drink a lot less soda recently. I think it's going well overall. I've had quite a lot of days marked "no soda" in my planner. Mostly drinking water! :) 

Eating: We've been trying to keep many things simple right now to reduce stress. Keeping our menus down to mostly sandwiches, pasta, rotisserie chicken, baked potatoes and breakfasts at home. It's not very exciting, but it's working well enough to reduce our eating out. We keep making this breakfast casserole, and it was great and has made lots of leftovers for us! We made our favorite fruit cobbler/crisp the other day and it was fabulous! LINK. 

Watching: We took Olivia (my 10 year old sister) to see Spider-Man last weekend, and it was really pretty good. I didn't like it as much as Wonder Woman, or Guardians I, but I liked it about as much as I *can* like a super hero movie. haha We've been watching a lot of Disney movies, most receently: Robin Hood, Frozen, Atlantis, Lilo & Stitch, and Cinderella (live action). Otherwise we've just been re-watching things like New Girl and Gilmore Girls. Wanting to be interested in a new show... considering continuing with Stranger Things, or starting The 100. Or possibly something else.

Reading: I spent so much time doing Project Life in the past few months, which has been great! I have tons of videos upcoming, etc. but it hasn't left me wanting to read very much! I read just a few books in July, you can read about those here. And I finished Fangirl last night, which was really really fun, but WOAH pretty long! Next I'm starting in on a combo of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore. I think reading both at once will help me get through any slow parts that come (for me) with reading classics. :) Working hard on Erin's 7.0! I had been missing reading, and am enjoying getting back to it! 

Organizing: I spent some time getting my closet under control yesterday, as well as my documenting supplies. I also cleaned up my desk a few weeks ago which was a feat. It's in a corner... so hello piles! LOL. I recently went through my bookshelves and sorted books in the following way: books to read soon, books for Erin's challenge, books that I can probably sell to the bookstore after completing. It's giving me a bit of focus with my reading. :) & also motivation! Woot! :)

Listening To: hmm not that much. Mostly just Hilary Duff's most recent album. I still love it. It's great for getting through slow work afternoons. I've also been craving a bit of classical music. So I'll have to queue up some Celtic Woman this week!

Feeling (physically): Alright. Still a lot of stress with family things, which equals an angry stomach. But I'm feeling good about having so much dental work done, and I also got a hair cut last week. Still taking walks at work when we can, but KC has been busy.

Feeling (emotionally): On and off drained. Things with my parents divorce have hit an all-time most stressful level. I've spent late nights on the phone with each of them... it's just a mess. Like, I can't even talk about what a mess it is. So I'm trying to keep the stress at bay with projects and goals when I can.

As a 2nd attempt not to vagueblog... KC lost his job in late March. But a few weeks later we found out that they needed someone on a different team that had his position. So luckily he is transitioning to that position right now. No gap in employment. However, I'm still a bit nervous. Working in funding dependent jobs is not really very stable. Trying to be grateful and optimistic right now, rather than worry too much. It's also keeping him a lot busier, which is usually good... but sometimes results in a need for wind-down time at the end of the day that wasn't there before. Trying to roll with the punches.

Looking Forward To: Honestly? Just more normal days with normal things like cooking and chores, and then time to read and work on projects or hang out together. After that? Really looking forward to fall, Halloween, and Christmas. I know it's too early, but I'm ready. LOL.

Wearing: Some fun "newish" things I've picked up over the last few months with older staples. I've got a new method for choosing outfits and it is working pretty well! Anyone interested in a post? Lots of stripes. SO many stripes.

Buying: So many Amazon purchases. We got a good portable charger (finally) which will be great for our NYC trip! We bought some gifts for Kyle's cousin's son's birthday, it's just the cutest thing! Then a few scrapbook items... and then a lot more because #sale. I'm cutting myself off unless it's for my December album or something that I run out of for as long as possible. I can definitely keep using up what I have (like my mini gift albums!). 

Loving: Keeping up with all of my bloggy friends. Even if that's in a once-per-week spurs on my part! :P Also love love loving some new Disney ipad apps I got! There's a Disney puzzle app that I'm losing my mind over, as well as a b&tb perfect match game, and Frozen Icy Shot. I don't usually play a lot of screen games... but I'm enjoying these. They fill random pockets of time well, and were great when I didn't have the energy to read or work on PL.

Working on: Lots of reading (hoping to update my Book Ban info and share it with you guys!), more Project Life (I'm almost caught up for 2017!), a cleaning schedule, bullet journalling, and goal tracking! Also collaboration ideas with Shea! Also, working super hard on budgeting better, and overall spending less and saving more! I think we are crushing it, but I want to keep working! :)

What have you guys been up to lately?!



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