Monday, August 28, 2017

Sh*t KC Says // Vol. I

GoT was crazy last night, right? The best season yet I think!

A lot of people do a "Sh*t my Significant Other Says" posts... well I'm too lazy to write it down... but here I've been trying to keep track since January. Everyone thinks KC is super serious.. .but he's actually hilarious. And not normally that serious at all. Lucky to be with someone who makes me laugh!

Here we go!

*while buying Hanson tickets...*

"If they screw us out of these tickets I expect to be compensated Hansonly."

*someone has a serious man crush...*

"Nick Offerman is so delightful. He makes picking weeds in a cornfield sound pleasant."

*a discussion related to the kama sutra book my friend got at her bachelorette party...*

The thing he always wonders is: "How do you pull this one off if you're not in the cirque du soliel?!"

*When drama comes a' callin'.*

"It's so easy to be connected to people. Sometimes it's a blessing, and sometimes it's total shit."

*While trying to choose a movie...*

"We could watch Chicago, We'd have to Geer up for that one!"

Related image

*I have this thing where I tickle KC, but he doesn't like it... and then he'll try to lick me in retaliation, which I HATE. HATE HATE HATE. His response the most recent time, on the "fairness" of it.*

"It's not an equal turning of the tables. It's like you're turning it a little bit, and then I come over and cut it in half with a chainsaw."

At Juliet's Wedding: "Do you think I'll get lucky with a bridesmaid tonight?"

"Would seeing my butt help?" *this happens a lot...*


*when I'm having a crummy day*

Hope you have a great week!



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