Wednesday, August 2, 2017

My (Second) Erin Condren Life Planner // 6+ Months In Review

Happy Wednesday Friends! Last night KC and I watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which neither of us had seen since childhood. It was pretty fun to go back in time. I remember having several Esmerelda play sets that I loved. One including her little buggy. The other with a tent and lots of fun props. heheh

Today I'm sharing some new thoughts on my 2017 ECLP, if you were around here last year you probably saw my thoughts on my first ECLP at that time. I'll link them below if you haven't and are interested. :)

Mid-2016 I was on the fence about ordering a new ECLP, but I'm mostly glad that I did.


- Still loving the vertical format!
- Still loving the "neutral" version! Pretty fonts and less loud colors!
- I liked that there were more custom options this year when building the planner.
- I'm using the stickers that come standard in the back of the planner more, and I love that they are flag shapes instead of rounded rectangles this year!
- I'm still loving using it to track my goals! (check out this post for my methods!)
- The covers are still beautiful!
- I LOVE LOVE LOVE that this year's planner includes a 2018 at a glance with little lines underneath each month, so you can make notes on what you might want to do next year! Last year I had a mess of post-its at the end instead!
-I'm really liking the designer stickers that I purchased with it this year. They make each planner spread just a little prettier - while still being able to use the planner for functional reasons!


-The coil clip this year is of horrible quality. It breaks nearly every time I adjust it. Last year's is still mostly intact after an entire year + of use. Check out the video below for a better look.
-I don't like that you have to attach the clear pocket using the coil clip this year. I'm sure some people do though.
-In relation to the clear pocket, this year it has a zipper instead of a press and seal type of seal on the pocket and my zipper piece broke several months ago. :(
-I still wish it had an address section. I know the perpetual calendar which is included has a small one, but I need more!
-I still wish the pages were a bit thicker.

Video Tour & Review:


This planner still keeps me organized and on top of my goals, and I have the added fun element of decorating it a bit more this year as well, which is fun. I'm sad about a few of the changes in the 2017 planner, and a few things that are falling apart. I'm not sure if I will continue with it next year or move on to something else at this point... I made a big purchase with 1Canoe2 for project life items (see that haul, here) and I'm intrigued by their planner, mostly because it is beautiful! :) I'd also just like to see what it's like to use another planner again, but I'm still not sure!

If you are interested in purchasing the ECLP or any of the accessories use my referral code to save $10 on your first purchase:

Other ECLP Posts: First ECLP - 3 Months In, First ECLP - 6 Months In, Video Tour of My First ECLP, How to Use a Paper Planner for Goal Setting Success2016 vs. 2017 ECLP comparisons.

What do you guys think? Have any of you tried the ECLP?

What planner do you use? What do you think of it?

Are you like me, feeling the need to try something new?



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