Monday, October 23, 2017

#allthefallthings // 2017

Happy Monday Friends! I hope that you had a great weekend! I spent mine recovering from a cold, but also doing fun things. I got to work more on my October Daily album (videos start going up tomorrow morning!), play a new game with KC, watch The Two Towers, and visit the pumpkin patch/fruit farm with my family. :) 

I'm working hard on that Fall Wish List (Bucket List). I can successfully cross off: 

cider donuts
cozy sweaters
an October Daily album
chili and cornbread
walks in the nice weather
fall decorations

This week I think we'll be able to cross of a few more related to pumpkin carving, pumpkin waffles, and Halloween costumes/party prep! 

Speaking of Halloween... it's not too late to come up with an awesome "last minute" costume! Check out my tips, here: 5 Steps to an AMAZING (& Cheap) Costume! I'll whole-heartedly admit that we are still working on ours for this year! It just hasn't been the priority, for some reason... hahah 

And if you want a festive playlist...Vintage and Indie meet in this Halloween playlist, *spook ! (6 hours long..... mildly more than anyone should ever need... but.... )

I'm also hoping that we get to watch some of our favorite movies soon:

Halloween Movie Night Picks for the Kiddos, and the Scaredy Cats (*raises hand!*) A selection of fun costume-y movies, perfect for the occasion.

More Halloween Movie Night Picks, of the witchy and spooky variety. Or perhaps you want to start Witches of East End and watch it non-stop through the weekend? No judgement here.

Maybe next week after all of the festivities are over we'll have time to make our "Perfect Fall Meal". It's worth it even if you only try the salad! :) KC refers to this one as "the one that takes 35 pans?" lol. It's not hard, but it does take ALL OF THE DISHES... and a good bit of time. Easy meals are the name of the game for us... so this one is worth the effort once or twice per fall. :) 

If I feel like reading again... I'm just refusing, which is ridiculous, especially with only 1.5 books left for Erin's challenge... I hope to read at least one book from this list of Witchy Reads.

On my "to buy" list before too long: 

Lastly... I'm super proud that we decorated for fall this year. yayyy! 

What are you guys up to?!

What are you doing for Halloween?!

What are you hoping to buy soon...?!



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