Friday, October 20, 2017

Snapshots of Vance Joy + Have You Heard? // Vance Joy - "Mess Is Mine"

Happy Friday, Friends! I hope that you are each having a great week! I've managed to come down with a cold, but otherwise it's been a good one. Hoping it goes away soon! :)

Last weekend was nuts, we had two concerts, a crafting day with my sister Jess, and then a family day at the Ren Fest. Whew. One concert was obviously Hanson, the other was Vance Joy! You guys know how I love Vance Joy!

It was our 4th time seeing him live, and it was such a great show. He played his new single, and also three new unreleased songs! I can't wait to hear when the new album comes out!

This was his second single from his first album, and I just love it. It's still one of my top favorites from him. The lyrics get me every time.

This video is just a sad polar bear though. :(

What are you guys up to this weekend?

We have no plans other than a call with my friend Juliet. :) I hope we find time to get some pumpkins and maybe carve them. I want to work more on October Daily videos and more pages too. I finally figured out that I can do all of the editing steps ON MY FREAKING PHONE... so... that's good. HA. They should start posting to YouTube next Monday! So stay tuned. I also need to do some reading.. but I haven't been feeling like it. We shall see. Maybe we'll watch The Two Towers. Nerdy & Crafty. Sounds about right.

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