Friday, October 13, 2017

Have You Heard? // Hanson - "Penny and Me"

Happy Friday, Friends! I hope you have had a great week! Ours has been pretty darn good. I cooked #allthefallfood on my day off. Woots. Also, Hallmark movies... found out we have the Hallmark channel... goodbye DVR space... Oy.

Ah, Hanson. This is hand's down my favorite Hanson song. Ever.

I remember just loving this music video, loving this song, just listening to it over and over. I downloaded it in the last few years just to listen to it over and over again, again. :) - LOL

We were so happy to see Hanson last night in our city. What a fun treat, right?

25 years of music, wow! Last time I posted about them, I was sharing their super fun covers. Seriously, check those out if you like covers.

The show was really fun, and I was so happy that they played this song! Unfortunately the girl in front of us (who was apparently a Hanson SUPER-FAN) talked through both verses of this. So my favorite song was interrupted by, "HAVE  YOU SEEN THE OC?!" and "*unintelligible words* SEX IN THE SOUTH". UUUUGHHH. You guys, if there is one thing that ruins a concert for me. It's rude people. We'd already had her jumping in our view for the whole show, and I was like, "It's fine, she is obviously a HUGE fan, I'm fine with her having a better view than me." But I was so angry when she then talked through the song I really wanted to hear. It was distracting during the song, and the video we took of the song (we always try to get my favorite song recorded) has her louder than the music in both verses. So, note to selves guys (though you're obviously amazing and considerate) try not to be that person. Even if it's a song that's not your favorite... it might be someone else's.

We are excited to have another music-filled night tonight! We are headed to KCMO to see Vance Joy (again... #noshame) with a friend. Vance is my fave, so we clearly had to go. SUPER ironic though that we've been to all of ... 3? ... concerts this year so far, and these two are back to back. Grumble. I'm really enjoying spacing our plans out more so there's more time at home to unwind.

What are you guys up to this weekend?!

We are headed to Vance Joy tonight (duh) for the um... 4th time..., and then headed to the Ren Fest with my family on Sunday. I hope to read and work on PL, and pot some mums that we bought. Because we're trying otu that whole fall decorating thing. If I'm being honest, I'm not the best at the home decor thing. But I have goals. ha

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