Friday, October 6, 2017

Snapshots of Anastasia Broadway + Have You Heard? // Christy Altomare - "Journey to the Past"

Happy Friday, Friends! I hope that you are having a great week! For us it was a two day work week, which has been FANTASTIC! I'm still catching up on some blog reading! Whew.

Today I wanted to share a song from Anastasia on Broadway. If you are familiar with the 1997 movie, then you know this song, but have you heard the Broadway version yet?!

We were lucky enough to see Anastasia during our NYC trip last week, and it was so so so so so so good. We actually planned our trip around the tickets, we'd had them for about a year..? I think. He, so obviously I was a *little bit* excited.

The musical is inspired by the 1997 movie and it's music, however it's been adapted for the stage and has a bit more of a historical context than a fantasy one. Rasputin gets swapped for a Soviet officer, but otherwise it is quite similar. They even changed some of the lyrics to songs that were otherwise the same. :) I really like what they did with it. It felt the same, but it also felt new, and it was a lot of fun to watch!

One of the coolest things about the musical is that it is in a small theater, and they utilize rotating panels on the sides of the stage to change the set. The panels often had windows, and the windows had neat screens that showed snow, or invaders to the palace, or whatever setting they wanted to portray. They even used them to show the ghost-like dancers during "Once Upon A December". It was really lovely!

The cast did a great job, from the leads, to the children and everyone in between, it was so well done! I loved the Christy Altomare who played Anastasia/Anya, she was so talented and full of energy. Derek Klena (Dmitry), John Bolton (Vlad), and Ramin Karimloo (Gleb) were all great as well! I loved seeing Mary Beth Piel, who played Gram on "Dawson's Creek" play the Dowager Empress. I also loved seeing Caroline O'Connor who was in Moulin Rouge, she was HYSTERICALLY funny as Countess Lily!

I definitely got really emotional, who's surprised...?, during this show. I think anytime you see something live that contains something important to your life, especially music, it's hard not to be swept up. I loved the scenes between Anastasia and The Dowager Empress, and I definitely cried when Anastasia came out in her blue dress for the ballet. Every girl my age and younger in the theater let out a little gasp when she walked out. It was so beautiful. :)

Overall it was such a great show and we had a blast seeing it! If you are in NYC, I highly recommend adding it to your schedule! You can buy tickets, here. (I am not affiliated in any way, I just loved it THAT much!). We sat in the upper seats, which were just $69 each (before fees). Not bad at all!!

Have you seen Anastasia on Broadway? Did anyone else grow up just loving this movie?!

Have you seen a Broadway show in NYC? Which one?!

What's your favorite musical?

What are you up to this weekend?!

Tonight we are going to my old high school's football game. While I don't enjoy going back to my high school... we are excited because my youngest sister Olivia is cheering during half time! hehe Other than that we plan on working on some projects, reading, and maybe doing some wishful fall cooking/baking. It's still fairly warm here... we were spoiled by the weather in NYC! : / 

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PS - with all the sad things going on in the world, I just loved Audrey's post about Living Loudly. Check it out. And for the billionth time, I am sharing my 12 Small Things You Can Do To Make The World A Better Place, When it Feels Like Everything is Falling Apart post too. Hope these give you some ideas about how to feel less helpless in scared in the horrible aftermath of hurricanes, Vegas, etc. We had a shooting in my hometown just the day before. We woke up two mornings in NYC to sad shooting related news. It's so heartbreaking.



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