Wednesday, July 10, 2019

29 // Birthday Celebrations + Fourth of July 2019

Hello Friends! I hope that you had a lovely fourth of July and weekend! I wanted to share a little bit about my birthday and the fourth!

Why my Birthday & The Fourth are Complicated (aka making new traditions):

My whole life until my parents moved to Arizona we had a cookout for the fourth with family that was also my birthday party, and often my aunt's as well. It was so nice to have everyone together, to share meals, and to set off fireworks. (the city where I grew up doesn't have any restrictions about setting off fireworks within city limits.) Once they moved, KC and I spent a few years traveling for my birthday, and every year I ended up feeling really sad and missing how things used to be. KC's family doesn't really have any traditions for the holiday, so we didn't have an easy replacement for the old traditions. This was the first year in a long time where I didn't feel sad because that tradition no longer happens. It was so so nice, and such a relief. Overall I had a much nicer birthday and holiday than I've had in a really long time. A big big big part of that is KC, his patience, and his planning. It also feels like it was meant to be that our new home happens to have a great view of the city fireworks, and a big enough yard to hang out in. Especially for a girl who grew up thinking the fireworks were for her birthday, and not America's. ;) I felt like we were creating a new tradition and

Here we go!

My Birthday!

This year I turned 29, and KC really spoiled me. We had breakfast at home and he gave me gifts to unwrap before we headed out to a few bookstores, the mall (obviously had a pretzel), and then went to Papersource before getting tapas for happy hour. It was a fun day to spend together doing fairly normal things that I enjoy. It was nice just to be together without any obligations or worries.

The Fourth!

On the fourth we had people over for a cookout/potluck/my birthday party. Our house has a really good view of the city fireworks. We had a lot of fun eating, chatting, watching fireworks, and making sparkler art. I was so grateful to everyone who wished me happy birthday! Our sweet neighbor even came over and had a vegetarian only grill for our veggie guests. He grilled the best sweet corn and brought over homemade herb compound butters. So spoiled by his generosity!

Family Dinner:

Then on Saturday we went to visit my mom and grandma. She made hot dogs and mac and cheese which we never have anymore, but was a treat for us growing up. My sister and nephew came and we looked at old pictures which was such a blast from the past. These photos of KC and Darrick kill me. Too cute.

What about you guys?

Do you have any fourth of July or birthday traditions?

I'm really enjoying making new ones. :) 



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