Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmasing & Powdered Sugar // 2014

Hello everyone, how was your holiday?
I am still recovering from all of the fun, busyness, and reduced amount of sleep!

In addition to sharing snippets of my Christmas, I am linking up with the creative closet ladies again today sharing A Gift I Received at Christmas. My gift is a surprise rather than one of these great hats I'm rocking.... ahem... in Target. - though I did buy both as gifts for myself in the fall and I love them dearly... :)

Here are some things that happened during 'Christmas Week' for us:

  • Duchess tried really hard, yet did not succeed, in knocking down our small table-top tree.
  • We stayed up late baking pies and peanut butter balls.
  • Olivia put hot sauce on her Christmas turkey.
  • We learned (again) to play Phase10 with my aunt, grandma, and sister.
  • I got some sweet gifts both new and vintage.
  • We got to see almost all of our extended family members.
  • I drew a family portrait as part of our gift exchange with KC's extended family.
  • Duchess got a new springy tunnel, a fun feather toy, and her favorite, a track with a ball that she can chase all by herself!
  • We played games with KC's family.
  • We had coffee with friends.
  • Mom, Jess, Olivia, Grandma and I took our annual Christmas shopping trip and shopped until our feet were sore. We missed doing it as a larger group, but maybe next year it will be in the cards!
  • Kyle gave me gifts that were a clue to a bigger surprise coming very soon.

Here's a clue he gave me:
And I will give you a second one....

Powdered Sugar 

Can you guess what it is?!?

(if you know, please don't spoil!) -I'll reveal tomorrow morning. :)

I'm so excited, that sneaky fella. ;)

Hope you all had the sweetest of Christmases!




  1. I love that first hat you are wearing and I suck at figuring out things from clues.

  2. Ooh I wonder what you're getting! I have no idea! That hat and scarf are so cute--sometimes gifts for ourselves are the best :)

  3. Yeah, I am so not clever enough for that- but I am so excited to find out! What a sweet man- I love this!!


  4. Ooh, I figured it out! Yessss, that's awesome! And now I want some powdered sugar.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas was had! I am not sure about what the clues are leading to so I will have to check back tomorrow :D Surprises are so fun!

  6. Thanks Kari. :) It took me a bit to get it too. He's a clever one! XO

  7. Thank you! :) I'm revealing that here shortly! :) XO

  8. Hehe it took me a bit to get it.... I'll reveal today. :) He is very sweet, I feel like quite the lucky lady :) XO

  9. Oooh awesome!! I didn't know if anyone would! It took me a bit looking at it in person... but when I got it I was like 'really!? eeeee!' :) XO

  10. Thanks Kenzie it was great! :) I will reveal it later today. :) XO

  11. I love that floppy hat - felt hats were my favourites for the fall, I need to keep wearing them through the winter!

  12. I love them too! I was so happy to finally find one that I liked! :) XO


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