Monday, January 13, 2014

Top 5 Places I Want to Visit in the U.S. // 2014

This time of year I always get the itch to travel. I mean, I always have it... but it gets more intense this time of year. Since we can really only travel significantly during breaks from school, I continue to spend a lot of time dreaming up future vacations. Which is actually pretty fun in between! 

If you have any recommendations for any of these places, please leave them in the comments! Or send me an email, use the envelope button to the left.

Here are my top 5 Places I Want to Visit in the U.S. (right now):

(in no particular order)

Seattle, WA
A long time destination on our wish list. We have been wanting to take a Pacific North West trip for a long time. 
This year I hope will be the year. I want to see the mountains and ocean side by side, all of the culture, the coffee, the chocolate... so much green space. Hoping that we Make it there this summer!

New Orleans, LA
I feel like when I ask people about NOLA, they have very strong opinions. Either they love it or they hate it. I'm not sure why, but I feel like I will love it. It looks so gorgeous, but not in a manicured way, full of culture, so much music, so much history and art... travel swoon. And the food... :)
Beignets, jambalaya, seafood... yummmm...
I could be wrong, I might hate it... but I want to see for myself. I think it could be wonderful. :)

Savannah, GA
This looks like one of the very most beautiful places on the planet! The super lush plant life, the old houses, gardens, parks and even beautiful cemeteries! I think I'd want to see it in the spring or early summer though, to avoid so much heat. Also, Jekyll Island and Tybee Island so nearby. So so beautiful! I've had this area on my list for a while now too!
Lastly can I just say.. these trees are amazing! The Spanish moss... So romantic and unusual looking! Like a whole different world!

Amelia Island, FL
Just off of the Eastern coast of Florida is this quaint little island. I've heard it is full of bed and breakfasts and sweet little shops and restaurants. It's also home to the oldest lighthouse in Florida. 
I can officially say this is the first time (since I was a kid) that I legitimately wanted to go somewhere in Florida. :)

Hawaii, the whole darn state
I'm sure I don't need to explain why Hawaii is on my list... but just for kicks I will. :) So green and lush. Filled with so much scenic beauty. It is the only island-y (tropical) type place that I consistently want to visit. 
And I recently found out that not only do they have whales living there in the winter... they have a World Whale Day Festival! :) Sounds pretty perfect to me! I feel like this would be a nice 5 or 10 year anniversary trip... right? ;)

I am hoping that we get to go to at least one of these places in 2014!

What U.S. destinations are you hoping to see in the near future? 

Other future posts coming soon!

Thanks for Reading & Happy Travels,


All of these images came from my Pinterest travel board.. which you can follow here and were taken by wonderful photographers, not me. :)


  1. Hey I just moved back home to Chicago from Seattle! Oh, it's an awesome, awesome city- and the nature around it is even more stunning. If you ever end up going I'd love to tell you my favorite spots :) And those shots of Hawaii are just amazing- especially the one with the waterfalls. Can you imagine living there?! Lucky, lucky people.

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. How wonderful Marlen! I will definitely shoot you a message if we get there. At this point we are planning on going sometime in late may - june. :) Swooning over Hawaii these days.. possibly the polar vortex... maybe just the intense green that it holds.. -Alexandra

  3. GO TO NEW ORLEANS. You won't hate it. I promise! Just be prepared to wear your hair in a frizz-friendly hairstyle the whole time because the humidity there is like an 11.5 out of 10. ♥

  4. Ha! Sarah, love it! I need your recommendations! I totally forgot you've been there so recently! Shoot me an email with the details! :) Duly noted about the humidity! Thanks for the heads up! :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. Such a great list! I would love to go to Hawaii again. It's amazing. Also, as a Seattle resident, I'll just put it out there that Seattle is the best. Come in July, August, or September. It's gorgeous here in the late summer! I hope you get to visit some of these places this year!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  6. That's amazing that you've been to Hawaii AND live in Seattle! Lucky girl! :) I think we have to come in June if we make it this summer... just with vacation time. But I'm guessing it's still pretty great in June too. :) I will have to pick your brain on specific must-see places in Seattle before we make it out! :) -Alexandra

  7. Omg all those places look amazing! Il have to add them all to my bucket list :( Sigh USA i so far from Sydney!

  8. I've just been watching this documentary series on the Pacific Islands, so visiting Hawaii is officially on my bucket list. Must make it happen!

  9. Hilde & A thanks for stopping by! Travel is my favorite thing to day dream about. It seems that we always want to see the places most different and often furthest from where we live.. :) Eventually I hope we make it to all of the destinations on our lists! :) Thank you for reading! :) -Alexandra


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