Monday, August 22, 2016

2 Year Progress // 101 Things in 1,001 Days // Goals

2 years have passed since I started my 101 Things in 1,001 Days list. Click the link to learn more and see the full list. :) 

Here is some of the progress, I've linked in any posts about the items!

Started August 20th, 2014

Items I Have Finished:

-buy an espresso machine
-design a new address stamp - I can make one for you too! Shoot me a message! :) 
-open etsy store & sell things
-have a booth at a flea market / show / sale
-write 50 letters to friends and family far away (Over 250!!)
-host 10 game nights
-visit 10 new to me local restaurants (Ladybird Diner, El Sol, Global Cafe, Roost, Taco Zone, Terrebonne, The Big Biscuit, Leeway Franks, The Waffle Iron, Port Fonda, Hank Charcuterie)
-visit Mari and Eric in San Francisco (Post Coming Soon!)
-be in the mountains (Alaska, July 2015)
-Tennessee / Kentucky road trip (2015 and 2016)
-do 12 things I never expected to do (stay in a hostel, have a rough time in Seattle, be so happy to see a sunset in Phoenix, watched baseball on TV on purpose, want to go back to NOLA so much, rising desire to visit Florida, surprise trip back to NOLA, successfully make beignets, have an interest in country music, be invited to work in Alaska, to enjoy the beachiness of Florida, to have people want to buy my invites etc.)
-try Russian food  (Piroshky, Piroshky - Seattle, WA)
-see an new animal in the wild (dell sheep, sea lions, puffins etc. - Alaska 2015)
-have a St. Patrick's Day party
-dance, we never get to dance (Jess and Kalor's wedding, making up hipster song, Kayla and Carl's wedding, )
-photoshoot with KC (in Phoenix & in Kansas)
-go to at least one Sporting KC game
-take a class (cooking, arts center, online class...) - (4)
-see a pop icon in concert (T-Swift & J.Lo.)
-see 10 classic or cult classic movies at Liberty Hall (or the like) (Wizard of Oz, Ghostbusters, A Young Frankenstein, Arsenic and Old Lace, It's A Wonderful Life, The Princess Bride, 9 to 5, Psycho, Home Alone, Joe vs. The Volcano)
-make colored macarons (black,)

Items I have Started:

-meet three blogger friends in person (so far, Kira from Retro Dorothy & Gina from Pink Wings)
-send 20 'just because' pieces of gifts / mail - (2 - Aug. 5th 2015)
-explore KC restaurant scene (find 5 new places I like)
-write down family stories (recorded dad telling stories June 2015)
-try 10 new-to-me Lawrence coffee shops - 6 (alchemy, 1900 Barker, J&S, Scone Lady, Wheatfields, Decade, )
-go hiking 6 times (2 - Alaska, short "trail" at Big Sur)
-take another winter trip (to a winter-y place) - in the works!!! :) 
-establish 6 Christmas season traditions with KC
-finish Jane Austen's novels (pride & prejudice, persuasion,)
-finish F. Scott Fitzgerald's novels (The Great Gatsby,)
-pull off 12 new upcycling projects (7)
-have 4 official dates every month - we've done ok, but definitely did not do this in Nov. Dec. - holidays are too busy, so mostly a success but cannot officially finish.
-see three musicals live (Went to: Little Women - it was awful! :( ) (Planning: Cinderella & Pippin)

Total: 101
Finished: 35 (Finished Last Year: 19)
In Progress: 15 (In Progress Last Year: 14)
Not Started: 51 (Not Started Last Year: 68)

Ok, so making some progress here! One way I am keeping track of this is by keeping it in Evernote and putting little notes next to the categories with ideas and next steps to take. It's helping out I think. :) 

What are you guys up to? Do you set long term goals?

Send me your links or comment below, I love reading other people's goals!



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