Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Juliet's Wedding Weekend! // May 2017

Whew! How was your weekend?! KC and I were lucky in that we got Monday off as a holiday. Thank you to all who served and serve our country, and those who gave their life for our freedom. As with every Memorial Day (and Veteran's Day), I'll share one of my favorite organizations that helps veterans: Companions for Heroes. Shelter pets + veterans = a great cause in my book. Check out their website!

Moving right along, last week/weekend was super busy for us, but for an exciting reason: one of my very best friends got married! :)

Thursday: The Bachelorette Party!

Thursday I left work a little early with my friend Jessica and we drove into KCMO for a bachelorette evening. We started the night at Escape KC - another break out room in town. We did the 221b (Sherlock) themed room, and it was pretty fun, but very different from the other three rooms I've done. We broke out with 10 minutes to spare like pros. At one point they wouldn't give us a clue because we were doing "too well'. - rude.

After that we went to dinner at Oliver, which I had never been to. It was lovely and the food was great! I got the yummiest cocktail (The Namedropper - gin and grapefruit) and then I got the Hanger Steak with roasted veggies. Both were AMAZING! We had a great time chatting and eating.

Then we ubered out to Westport to get some drinks. We went to several places, Ca Va (a champagne bar), Off Key (a Karaoke bar) and Westport Saloon (a hipstery country bar...?) had some great drinks and laughs. The night got pretty wild, which is not my thing... but we were all there for Juliet.

We ended the night at a hotel on the plaza. It was a great if not rough night for everyone! A big thanks to Jessie, the groom's sister for all of the planning! :)

Friday: The Rehearsal Dinner!

Around 3 on Friday we met at Bon Bon! near the venue for drinks and then walked over for the rehearsal. I tried some sort of tropical coconut/pineapple drink and it was completely amazing. We did the rehearsal at the wedding venue. It was good to know what was expected, and was pretty much like a typical wedding rehearsal.

Then we went to The Eldridge for the dinner. We had the chicken, which was lovely, and enjoyed a nice meal with friends. :)

Saturday: The Wedding!

Stole this from Facebook, so it's not super high quality....! Photo credit to Lauren Elaine Pearson
The makeup/hair/etc. began at noon on Saturday, and we had a great time hanging out ahead of photos and the wedding. Juliet brought back pretty robes for each of us from Taiwan. :)


Also from Lauren Elaine Pearson, stolen from FB.

We took lots of photos (that I can't wait to see!) and then it was time for the wedding!

The ceremony was lovely and so unique to the two of them. I loved seeing and hearing all of the little touches that they specifically chose for the occasion! The officiant was a Wiccan friend of the family, and so the ceremony was really filled with so many interesting traditions. It was perfect for the two of them and their unique relationship and interests.

The reception was great as well. So much dancing and fun!

Friends and family contributed hugely to the decor, music, toasts, etc. It was really cool to see how everyone came together.

The space was lovely, and the whole night was so happy. The night ended with dancing and a sparkler send off.
I asked Lauren Elaine Pearson to take a quick photo of us, she went above and beyond! I love this!! Next time we do a shoot, I want to do one with her! :) 

On Sunday and Monday we just vegged because it was a long (but fun!) weekend! :) We watched Big Little Lies, played games, and read a lot. :)

Looking for a great KC/NE KS photographer? Get in touch with Lauren at lauren[DOT]elaine[DOT]pearson[AT]gmail[DOT]com. She's amazing and will make you feel so so comfortable!

What did you guys do this weekend? 

Have you ever been in a best friend's wedding? 



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