Wednesday, May 24, 2017

101 Things in 1,001 Days // Final Tally

Wow, my 101 things in 1,001 days is over! It totally snuck up on me, whoops! Here's how I did! 

101 things in 1,001 days!

Personal -14

-move to a bigger place
-work for myself at least part-time (rotating work schedule)
-do yoga twice a week for at least one month
-enrich our home environment for the cat(s) (see evidence that it is working)
-King sized bed - we got a new mattress instead!
-move to a new city/state (or decide that we don't want to)
-have a full emergency fund
-pay double my student loan payment 3 times
-research vitamins, take some assortment of them (for at least 6 months)
-get a credit card
-buy an espresso machine
-design a new address stamp

Professional -15

-make blog business cards, put them in a cute case, carry them around
-open etsy store & sell things
-meet 3 of my blogger friends in person - 2, I met Gina and Kira, so close! 
-work on writing prompts once per month
-get a DSLR / lenses
-meet other Midwestern bloggers
-go to a blog conference
-have a booth at a flea market / show / sale
-join blogger groups
-have sponsored posts
-make money with ad space on my blog
-be published as a freelancer / on an web magazine etc.
-use my twitter once a day for a month
-participate in an A Beautiful Mess type photo challenge
-register my own domain name

Family/Friends -12

-write 50 letters to friends and family far away (1268 - 4/20/16 - and I stopped counting!)
-have a monthly meal with my family and KC's family (at least 6 months in a year) - too late for my family
-be a bridesmaid again - this weekend, it counts.
-host a clue party 
-host 10 game nights 
-host 3 pinterest parties
-host 3 girls nights/brunches
-host 3 clothing swaps
-send 20 'just because' pieces of gifts / mail - only 9, so close!!
-write down family stories (recorded dad telling stories 6/15)

Travel (regional) -7

-explore KC restaurant scene (find 5 new places I like) - only 1
-finish exploring the Saint Louis Art Museum
-go to Shakespeare in the park
-take the train to Chicago
-visit 10 new-to-me local restaurants
-go to a concert in Lawrence (downtown)
-try 10 new-to-me Lawrence coffee shops - only 6

Travel (larger scale)-14

-visit Brittany & Tyler in Boston
-travel abroad
-check out Corvalis, OR
-Tennessee / Kentucky road trip (two! 2015 and 2016!)
-take another winter trip (to a winter-y place)

Adventure -7

-go kayaking
-go horseback riding
-go camping
-do 12 things I never expected to do
-go hiking 6 times - only 2

Holidays -10

-DIY over-the-top couple's Halloween costumes - don't feel satisfied with these... but we've had pretty great costumes for the last 4 years... so I'm calling this an OK! (these were good: one and two)
-send holiday cards to friends and family - 2 years in a row!
-give all thrifted Christmas gifts one year
-have 'Friendsmas' again, preferably minus the snowstorm
-do a gratitude project at Thanksgiving
-be somewhere exciting on NYE
-have a St. Patrick's Day party
-start our own cinco de mayo tradition
-go somewhere or to an event for a holiday

Marriage - 8

-have 4 official dates every month - I think we basically did this unless it was December, counting as a pass.
-write down our favorite moments in marriage and look back on them on anniversaries
-take KC shopping for snazzy threads
-catch up on the 'yearly' anniversary gifts
-go to a football game together
-dance, we never get to dance (Jess & Kalor's Wedding, making up a hipster song, Kayla and Carl's Wedding)

Just for Fun - 14

-finish Jane Austen's novels (Pride & Prejudice, Persuasion,)
-finish F. Scott Fitzgerald's novels (The Great Gatsby,)
-put $10 into savings for each goal accomplished
-pull off 12 new upcycling projects - 8 SO CLOSE!
-paint tiny pictures of Lawrence favorites / KC favorites
-go to at least one Sporting KC game
-take a class (cooking, arts center, online class...)
-learn about Dolly Parton, because she's amazing
-see 3 musicals, live
-see a pop icon in concert (JT, Christina, Shakira, Taylor Swift...?)
-see 10 classic or cult classic movies at Liberty Hall (or the like) 
-make colored macarons 

Total: 101
Finished: 49 (Finished Last Year: 35)
In Progress: 9 (In Progress Last Year: 15)
Not Started: 43 (Not Started Last Year: 51)

Verdict? I got about half way done, which isn't GREAT, but it's pretty good considering how long the list is, and how many of them I made, "try 6," "send 12", etc.! That was a bit over enthusiastic in hindsight. 

Have you started any long term goals? What are they?

Have you ever done a 101 goals in 1,001 days challenge? 

What about a 30 X 30 list, or the like?

I would love to hear about your goals! 

Thank you for reading!


For past goal lists and goal setting tips visit the 'achieve' tab above. Or click here.

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