Friday, November 17, 2017

Have You Heard? // Postmodern Jukebox - "Seven Nation Army"

Happy Friday, Friends! Whew, what a week. What a roller coaster life is in general. Thank you for all of the love via blog and social media lately! It is so appreciated, and I'm very glad to have this community of awesome ladies!! :)

Moving along. This week I stumbled back upon Postmodern Jukebox. Have you heard their music? They basically do covers of popular (current, usually) songs in vintage styles. They do everything from 1910's - 1970's styles.

I have a lot of favorites, and they aren't all the same styles, or even all songs that I liked the original version. hehe This is one of my favorites though, and I do love the original version (The White Stripes) ... as well as 1920's style music. If you're not sure if you know the song, just listen... you probably do. It was really popular in the 00's.

What do you guys think?! Do you enjoy covers? I love them, even ones that aren't changed quite so much. I know I have mentioned before that Ed Sheeran is an amazing cover artist! :)

What are you guys up to this weekend?

Yesterday was my MIL's birthday, so we celebrated a bit then, but we do have dinner tonight with KC's sister and her husband as well. It will be nice to have dinner in our bigger group. :) On Saturday it is my 10,000 day birthday! Woohoo. We decided to do 10 things... I am not sure what they all are, some will likely be small, but we do have tickets to see Waitress the musical. I love the movie, so I am excited to see it live! :) (Thank you Audrey for letting me know it was good! :) ) Otherwise I hope that we have time for reading, my November Daily album, general festiveness, and of course the #lybholidayl prompts! :) 

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On YouTube This Week: 6 Ways To Make Your Own Project Life Cards Vol. II and November Daily/Gratitude Scrapbook Supplies & Organization.

Have a great weekend! 



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